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- NEWS -

On this page we will inform you frequently with relevant Info's about our Bali Tauch Terminal Tulamben Dive Hotel Resort & Spa. Please inspect this page frequently for our newest updates, special offers, bali dive courses, indonesian liveaboard dive safaris, special room rates or just relevant news around Bali, our dive resort and diving around Bali and Indonesia.

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Messe BOOT - Düsseldorf/Germany 2017

The Boot Exhibition in Düsseldorf/Germany is a international boat show. Around 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries present at the Boat Show Dusseldorf their premieres, maritime products and services and provide with their offer depth and width with an overview of the entire world market of yachting and water sports. Dive sites and dive centers around the world, from Asia to the South Seas, diving clothing, training, innovations in underwater photography and film show a total of 350 exhibitors. The boat show in Düsseldorf offers all interested boat and water sports, individual advice and information. In addition, boats, yachts and accessories can take a close look and be tested directly on leave suitability.
Like every year we're present again at the BOOT in Hall 3, Stand B16 and we will be glad to welcome you and check out what we have to offer for 2017!

TTT Team


Check out our special InterDive 2016

Tulamben Resort offer!!

tulamben dive resort special package
bali tilamben coral garden

Hello dive and Tulamben friends,

we from Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa have created a photo album with the greatest shots from our home reef "coral garden". You can see these wonderful images on facebook without need to have a facebook account. Have a look wonder about the beauty and bio diversity of our house reef directly in front of our resort in Tulamben:


TTT Team

bali tulamben reef guardian

Become a Tulamben Guardian!

The dive guide community of Tulamben has joined forces and launched a new project to life. The Tulamben Guardian program should allow new reef -projects.
For this, financial aid is of course needed. With the acquisition of a Dive Tag or a trendy bracelet, which are obtained at our dive center for 50,000 IDR, you can help our reef project to stay alive. We will inform you frequently on this website, what new reefs are built.

Your TTT family

neuer tulamben makro tauchplatz

New Tulamben dive site

10-minute drive from our dive center, we have discovered a new macro dive site.
The place is called Batu Belah and means translated broken Rock!
This dive side has not many divers yet and will be fun for our macro divers.
We found so far Frog fishes, Sea moths, sea horses and Renopias and there are plenty other pretty photo motives.
If you like "small stuff", you should dive this place definitely.
Our dive guides are looking forward to dive the wonderful place with you!

TTT Team

tulamben dorf geschenk

Present for the Tulamben village people

As a thank you for the good cooperation of the past 20 years, we have installed the town a floodlights system for their volleyball court.
Now the people of Tulamben can also pursue after the work their favorite sport.
The volleyball court is located 5 walking minutes behind our resort.
There you can see train the teams every evening!

TTT Team


Easy entrance into the Coral Garden

As we all know, the entrance to our house reef "Coral Garden" is not the easiest, so for years we try to figure out, which would be the best solution. Hopefully we found now the best solution. Beginning from the dive center, we build a path, made from concrete. The Path consists 50 concrete blocks and weights per block 150 kg, thus should make sure that the path remains, even at high swell. The blocks were connected with 80m rope to each other and mounted on four anchors, which are buried in the ground. To realize the project, we have requires almost 6 months. And now he's finally finished and the entrance is a thousand times easier. Come and try out the new entrance.

TTT family

20 years tauch terminal tulamben

20 years TTT

Throughout June, we celebrate the 20 years existence of Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
We celebrate with our guests every day a special event.
Our helpers from Tulamben got special Anniversary T-Shirts.
For the village of Tulamben, we build as a thank, floodlights for the volleyball court.
We also celebrate a big Balinese Ceremony at the full moon in June, to thank the gods.
On our Facebook page "Tauch Terminal Tulamben" you can watch all the pictures of the respective events.

In another 20 years of success

bali manta point diving

Manta Point is always a highlight

Manta Point is located on the neighboring island of Nusa Penida and can be reached from our resort by car and boat.
The chance of sighting Mantas is by approximately 95% over the year.
The site is suitable for each certification and even snorkelers can watch these stunning animals.
In the bay  is a cleaning station where the Manta's indulge in their daily care and depending on the season there are 2-50 pieces.
April and May is the best time. We offer this trip 2x a week.

TT Team

bali tulamben yoga course

NEW: Yoga Course at Tulamben Resort

To make your stay even more comfortable and relaxed we offer now yoga courses at our Tulamben Resort. Enjoy a one-hour yoga classes with experienced yoga teacher Tomomi! Tomomi is a vinyasa (flow) yoga teacher who teaches gentle beginner class, pre/postnatal, intermediate power flow, yin yoga and more with alignment based assisting and teaching methods. The Yoga session are at the rooftop Restaurant with stunning view on the ocean and Mt. Agung. The yoga classes are customized, whether you're trying yoga for the first time or you're already experienced. We recommend to join the course in the morning or evening, as the temperatures are still pleasant at this time. Price: IDR 550.000 hour/group (max. 5 participants) inclusive rented yoga mat.

TTT Team

new dive instructor

New SSI Dive - Instructor

Vanessa has succeeded 7-day Instructor course and  2 day exam.
From now she is a new member of the SSI Instructor community.
Peter Moser our experienced Course Director , ran the course.
In our Diamond SSI Dive Center we train young and old, from beginners to instructors.

The whole family TTT congratulates Vanessa for passing the exam and wishes her the best for her further diving career.

TTT Team

bali solar eclipse 2016

Solar Eclipse and Bali Nyepi at the same day

This year is a very special year, not enough that TTT is celebrating it's 20th anniversary, there will be also a partial sun eclipse on Bali and a exact the same day we also celebrate the famous Balinese New Year - the "Nyepi" Day.
The eclipse will take place on 03/09/2016, 7:22 to 9:42, the highlight is at 08:27.
And Nyepi Day is the day of Silent. Do not miss this unique event!!

TTT Team

christmas 2016

Seasonal greetings...

we, the entire Team of Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa wish all Tulamben and scuba diving friends - and of course also all who like to become - a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.

Coming year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and we already prepared discounted dive packages, dive safaris and extraordinary dive experiences for all Tulamben and Bali fans. We can't wait to welcome all Tulamben and scuba diving friends to our very special 20th anniversary year.

Your TTT Team

boot 2016 exhibition duesseldorf germany

2016 is a very special year for us! We celebrate our  20th anniversary in 2016 and we will offer very attractive Bali dive packages and more at the BOOT exhibition 2016 in Düsseldorf ! You really need to visit us at Stand B16,
in Hall 3…!

TTT Team

new tulamben restaurant menu

New menu in at our Tauch Terminal Tulamben restaurant

Our team, assisted by an experienced chef, created a new menu.
We have new international and Indonesian dishes, such as cevapcici, Chicken Tandoori, Ikan Pepes and much more.
In addition, the breakfast menu has been expanded. Our Bamboo Restaurant is located right next to the sea, so you can enjoy, while eating. Come and try out our new menu

TTT Team

bali free visa on arrival

Bali Immigration Office revokes controversial order limiting uses of Visa-Free and Visa-On-Arrival

The move was defended by Widodo as a response to numerous complaints received from tourism stakeholder regarding the large number of foreigners working illegally in Bali. Strong criticism aimed at Widodo’s instructions from lead elements of Bali’s tourism industry caused the Ngurah Rai immigration chief to quickly issue a second order on October 30, 2015 (W20.FNG.UM.01.4962) revoking his earlier instructions.
At least for now, visitors to Bali using visa-free or visa-on-arrival can do so as many time as they want within a 12-month period.

TTB Team

bali tulamben dive car

New Dive Car

The Daihatsu Grandmax was designed by us and transformed into a dive car. The bench with the tank holders was made of fiberglass. The surounding it is supported by a metal structure and to donate shade a roof was stretched. To make it easy to get on, we have mounted a staircase. We use the Dive car to chauffeur our guests to the Dives sites, like Drop Off, Kubu wreck or Amed. Enjoy the ride to the dive site

Yours TTT Family

bali tulamben whale shark encounter

!!!Whale Shark !!!

Our regular guest Satoshi ITO, had the honor to see a large whale shark with 4-5m in our house reef.
Lucky us, he had a camera with him and was able to capture this special moment.
Our house reef, "Coral Garden" is always good for a sensation.
Whale sharks, mola mola, thresher sharks, manta rays and even whales attracted by the bay.
With a little luck, also on your next dive with us, will be such a superb fish.

TTT Team

new tulamben divemasters

New species of nudi branch discovered?

This week we had a very special discover - a kind of nudi branch "Atagema" we never saw before and of course we're very keen to know if this nudi branch was ever discovered before. Does anyone already know this kind of nudibranch? We would be very glad for any further information!

TTT Team

bali tulamben coral garden

Coral Garden is always good for a surprise.

Our house reef offers so much and almost every day we see new things.
Last Visitor was a big school of barracuda.
But Mola Mola, whale sharks, thresher sharks, as seahorses and other macro stuff, give us the honor.
Come and dive with our guides the dive sites of Tulamben

TTT Team

new tulamben divemasters

Hip Hip Hurray,

Vanessa and Gede did it, they past their Divemaster Course successfully!
And of course when you pass your divemaster, you have to do the snorkel test.
The whole TTT Family congrats them both and that they will have many many good dives.

TTT Team

new tulamben divemaster trainee

Our new divemaster trainee

Thomas and Joelle are from Switzerland and will support us till October at the dive center and complete their divemaster training.
The training includes Science of Diving, Dive guide theory, Underwater skills and especially a lot of practice in diving and guiding divers.
The Internship of our divemaster trainee guaranty them I good view into the dive buisness
The whole TTT team wishes both a lot of fun and good luck.

tulamben bali dream holiday

Thank you for the compliment

Alexandra and Andre Diers visited us last year at our resort. And they liked it that lot, so they wrote a report to the german diving magazine "Tauchen".
The magazine has also published this article. Our whole team is very proud of this report. We will continue to accommodate our Guest like at Home

The TTT family says thanks again to Alex and Andre
See you hopefully soon again.

like us on facebook

Like us on Facebook

Visit us on our Facebook homepage. Get there the latest news, videos and photos.
Facebook is an ideal place to stay in contact with our guests. Click on https://www.facebook.com/tauchterminal and like us.

The TTT family is pleased to be Facebook friends with you!

bali manta ray diving

Manta Manta

Ever seen the magnificent manta rays? For those who have not seen them yet, and for those who want to see them again, there is an Manta Point on Bali.
This cleaning station for manta rays is located on the island of Nusa Penida and is approached regularly by us. This day trip is an experience for beginners and advanced. Our sighting rates of Mantas is currently at 90%. Sometimes we meet up to 20 Mantas there. You can book this trip directly at the resort or by e-mail. We look forward to show you the Bali underwater.

Your TTT Family


We won it...

Our Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame recognition tells an important story — that we've consistently earned top ratings from TripAdvisor travelers over the past 5 years.

TTT Team

bali tulamben satoshi's 1500 tauchgang


to our loyal and respected guest Satoshi who did this weeek his 1500th dive with Tauch Terminal Bali at Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa.

TTT Team

bali tulamben hammocks

Relax in the garden

To enjoy and relax in our well maintend garden, we have set up hammocks for you. The hammocks are most of the time in the shade and the sun screen can be adjusted.
Our garden is served daily by our gardeners and provide a wide variety of plants and trees. Come and relax...

Your TTT Family

bali tulamben liberty ship wreck

That's really cool...

Google has released recordings of the unique USS Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben for their recordings for "Google Street View". By the way - if you don't already know - the USS Liberty shipwreck lies right in front of our Tauch Terminal Resort & Spa in Tulamben and we offer several times a day dives to the USS Liberty ship wreck from our resort and also from any other place on Bali with our transport.

Ihr TTB Team

tauch terminal tulamben premium hotel awardtauch terminal tulamben premium hotel award

Another award for Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort

Congratulations, we are very proud to award you the FIT Premium Quality Certificate. As a result of our two-step review process you are one of the finest and best rated hotels. We analysed the following two areas:

- service and health orientation of our partner hotels
- FIT customers’ reviews

I am pleased to inform you today: You exceed the expectations in both areas and thus, you are awarded the certificate "Premium Quality Hotel" in the category of „Wellbeing“. Congratulations!

TTT Team

bali tulamben reef project

Your own reef

To develop the reef growth in Tulamben, Tauch Terminal Tulamben has started a reef project. As a start we lay out the sandy soil with big Lava stones, so the reef becomes higher and not silted up by sand immediately. To get more structure into the reef, we use concrete pipes, which are also used as fish protection. Our first projects has been well accepted by the underwater world and the first corals are already growing. Please support this project and buy your own tube, which is labeled according to your desire.
More photos on Facebook www.facebook.com/tauchterminal

TTT Team

bali apnoe diving

Apnea-Diving in Bali

Deep down into the dark blue, without heavy dive gear to feel as close to the ocean nature as it gets. Since a while there is directly in front of our Tauch Terminal Tulamben Dive Resort a platform anchored which offers ingrained apnea divers the opportunity to enjoy their beloved special dive sport. We're always able to offer a boat transport to the platform from our close by dive resort, so you can any time enjoy your favorite dive experience.

TTT Team


tripadvisor bali tauch terminal tulamben resort & spa

Again a very pleasant announcment from Tripadvisor....

Congratulations to Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa!


On behalf of all of us at TripAdvisor, I'm very pleased to welcome Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa to the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. This unique accolade is granted only to those businesses that have won the Certificate of Excellence for five years in a row.

TTT Team

bali tulamben diver wedding

A difference way of getting married

Holger and Birgit was celebrating their special day, with a difference. The underwater wedding ceremony  was held next to the Wreck and on land they celebrated like Balinese. In the evening they had a Balinese Buffet with Balinese dancing. If you want get married also in a different way, Tauch Terminal Tulamben will organize it for you, from the Priest to the Photographer.

The whole TTT-Team wishes Holger and Birgit a happy marriage and wonderful dives together.

TTT Team

birth of seahorses

Ever saw the birth of seahorses?

this amazing picture was awarded at the contest of "Underwater Photographer of the Year". You can see all winners and their brilliant underwater photoshots at: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fotos-die-besten-unterwasserbilder-des-jahres-fotostrecke-124645.html. You can find this amazing underwater creatures also along the coastal waters of Tulamben, Bali and we have also several beautiful shots of pregnant pygmy seahorses in our portfolio.

TTB Team

mola mola 2015

First mola mola sighting in 2015

Now it was time again, the first sunfish showed up. The approximately 2m wide Mola Mola, was spotted in our house reef "Coral Garden". Tulamben is always good for a big fish surprise.
From sunfish, eagle rays, whale sharks to Manta anything is possible. Come by and check out the wide variety of Bali.

Your TTT family

clean bali

We care!
As nature lovers and protecter, we are moving one step ahead in taking care of the environment. We are currently educating our staff further in environmental issues and are designing projects to assist and teach the community in Tulamben area to go and act green. This is an important step towards preserving the area and teaching the to-be adults to make a difference. Soon there will also be a way for those guests wishing to contribute and get involved in this beautiful project by helping the local community. Together for a better Bali, and a better world. More news on this soon!

TTT Team

tulamben dive guide future

Our dive guide future

We present our new dive master trainees.
To be sure to have the best guides in Tulamben also in Future, we take education into their own hands.
Made and Komang are from Tulamben and we make the two young stars from open water of up to Dive Master.
Vanessa from Switzerland will support the next few months TTT and will absolve the DM education.
Soon, our new dive guides show you the impressive underwater world of Bali.

TTT Team

tulamben njepi 2015

Ogoh Ogoh Parade in Tulamben

As every year, the daemons of Bali get banned, before the "Silent Day". So called Ogoh Ogoh be carried through the village to scare the other daemons. In this year we had in Tulamben 4 pcs, one of these was built by our resort. This unique spectacle was admired by many locals and tourists. At the end of the ceremony, the monsters get burned.
More photos of this event can be found on our Facebook page Tauch Terminal Tulamben

TTT Team

map of indonesia

Indonesia offers Visa-Free travel for 30 more countries

To boost tourist numbers, Indonesia from next month will waive visa requirements for nationals from an extra 30 countries — but not Australia — the government has announced. When the new regulation goes into effect, there will be a total of 45 countries whose citizens can enter Indonesia for short-term visits without the need for a visa.
Visa-free travel will only be available through five international airports in Jakarta, Medan, Batam, Bali and Surabaya, and would come with tighter monitoring.
The countries that will join the free Visa list next month (April) are: China, Japan, South Korea, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Chech Republic, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and South Africa.

TTT Team

bali nyepi day 2015

Bali Njepi Day, March 21 - 2015

For all who are not prepared yet - Njepi Day is in sight agian!! For 24 hours an enforced restrained is placed on all island dwellers from diving, driving, shopping, dining, partying and for the more relevant even the general use of electricity is taboo. Our beloved little island finally gets the environmental sabbatical it still desperately deserves. But Njepi is also a holy day for self-reflection and marks the coming New Year on the Balinese calendar. Our restaurant serves like every year food and beverages till 7pm for our hotel guests.

TTT Team

satoshi 2015

Regular Guest Satoshi ITO

Our Regular Satoshi ITO, visited Tauch Terminal Tulamben the 40th time.
Good enough, to celebrate.
Satoshi is from Japan and visit us since 2000.
The whole TTT Family says thank you to Satoshi and hope to welcome him at least, 40 times more.

TTT Team

tauch termnal tulamben bali spa team

The Alami Spa

Get spoiled in our Spa from our ladies.
Enjoy the well temperate and quiet Spa and all the different treatments from our educated massage girls.
For example, the hot stone massage or get spoiled with a manicure or pedicure.
But we also have on offer Body Scrub and Flower Baths.

Get spoiled by our Spa Team

TTT Family

tulamben pool renovation

Pool Renovation

Humidity, Sun and Saltwater let the wood begin to decay. So we renovated the Pool Deck and invested in Iron Wood.
Looks much better and hold longer. Come over and enjoy the stunning View from our new Pool Deck

Your TTT Family

tulamben staff dive education

Dive Education

We not educate only our Guest from a Open Water Diver till an Instructor, also our Crew
For us is important that our Dive Crew stay updated.
Or in the case from Made, how become a new Diver.
Congratulation from the hole TTT-Family to Made's new Dive -  Certification and may he will lead your through your Dive soon.

TTT Team

merry christmas 2014

Seasonal Greetings 2014

We wish all scuba dive sport friends and our customers a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year 2015.

TTT Team

tulamben bali reef project

New Reef Project!

In our House Reef "Coral Garden", we have sunken a new artificial Reef.
For this, we bounded 4 cement pipes.
The nature will take quickly over and soon you can admire the new residents.
Come by and look how quick mother nature works.

Your TTT Family

whale shark tulamben bali

Whale Shark sighting!

We had  again a very exciting weekend here at our Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort. We was escorted  by an “old pal” this weekened at our dive sessions at the famous Tulamben ship wreck. The approx. 4 meter large wale Sharks  is already well know by our dive masters and has already shown up at our dive stops several times before in the last years.  We’re always happy to see “old pals” curious and healthy back again and our dive guests was simply impressed.

TTT Team

bali tulamben clean up

Tulamben clean up

The community of Tulamben have joined, to clean up the dive site "Drop Off".
Of Course we and our guests supported this action
The Clean up was above and under the water.
Such a Clean Up takes place approximately every three months and everyone is welcome to help.
It's about our  all environment. Thanks to all supporters.

TTT Team

tulamben dive pool

Newly renovated beach pool

Our beach pool, which is also our training pool at the same time, has been renovated.
The sandbox has got new sand, the deck was processed with a special iron wood and the side wall got new tiles.
The pool has a max. depth of 3 m and is located right next to our white sand and is ideal for sun lovers.
Come and enjoy the white sand and the refreshing cool pool

Your TTT family

tulamben bali divemaster education

Two new instructors created

After a 7-day Instructor course and 2 Examination Days, Pauline and Thomas have successfully completed the course under the direction of Peter.
The whole family TTT congratulated the two new instructors and on the that you have a lot of fun in your new Activity.
We offer courses from beginner to professional.

Your TTT Team

tulamben dive resort instructor course

Instructor Course

The Instructor candidates, Pauline and Thomas start the SSI Instructor Course under the direction of Peter.
The course takes  7 days and 2 additional audit days.
Tauch Terminal Tulamben offers SSI courses from beginner to instructor.

The entire family TTT Team wish the two candidates every success for the course.

bali tulamben full moon ceremony

Big full moon ceremony

Once a year Tulamben celebrate the "Purnama".
On this full moon, the believers met up to this feast, to celebrate in the temple of Tulamben.
This ceremony lasts three days, where the believers get a shower with holy water.
Tourists are welcome to attend this ceremony.
The TTT family are happy to give you more Information to any questions about their culture live

Your TTT Team

tulamben bbq night

Tulamben BBQ Night

In addition to our famous Bali Night,  we also have the BBQ Night. Starts with a welcome cocktail.
On the grill comes fresh fish, chicken drums, beef, cutlet and vegetarian kebabs.
Accompanied with all kinds of salads and barbecue sauces and pleasant barbecue music.
The guests enjoyed the food and the relaxing ambience in the white sand beside the calm ocean.
Come along and visit our next BBQ Night here.

Sunny Greetings
The TTT Family

tauch terminal bali dream team

The Dream Team

Today we introduce our Tauch Terminal Tulamben Manager Team.
From left to right: Thomas from Austria, Wolf from Germany and Totok from Indonesia.
These gentlemen are managing not only the hotel and secure the quality, they are also always available for talks and fun at the resort.

The Managers and the whole TTT family are looking forward to your visit!

TTT Team

new nitrox system

New: Nitrox Membrane System

For our Nitrox divers and those who want to become one , we have expanded our filling system with a Nitrox membrane .
The membrane filters the pure oxygen from the air and can accumulate our bottles up to 50% Nitrox.
Thus more bottles can be filled simultaneously .
As always dive with Nitrox certification is for free and if certification is not available , we offer courses

TTT Team

whale shark at tulamben drop off dive site

Whale shark at Drop Off

Once again, a whale shark tried to sneak behind the school of fish, but we got him.
This time at the dive site "Drop Off", where he swam along.

We are looking forward to see you soon again

TTT Team

bali tulamben resort update 2014

Also this year - like in all other years before - we spent again real efforts and money in our bali tulamben dive resort for modernizing, rebuilding and new designs to guarantees our guests and divers permanently a resort which offers all around convenience, wellbeing and safety. Especially worth mentioning is:

  • New furniture in "whitewash-style"
  • All rooms new painted
  • New couches
  • New table lamps
  • New curtains
  • New easy chairs
  • New soap&schampoo dispenser
  • Nautilus Lifetime safety equipment for boat dive trips

TTT Team

bali tulamben resort new dive trainee

New Divemaster Trainee

We introduce you our new Divemaster Trainee Johannes from Germany.
Johannes will support our Dive center till November and Wolf will him lead trough his SSI Divemaster education.

The whole TTT team wishes him every success in his new challenge and a lot of fun.

TTT Team

bali tulamben unterwasser hochzeit

Polish Wedding with a difference

Joanna and Janusz from Poland celebrated their underwater wedding on 08/22/14 with family and friends in front of the USAT Liberty wreck.
Afterwards they had  a drink next to the temple Pura Tegeh with a wonderful view on our beautiful bay.
The Day ended with a proper party in our Roof Top Restaurant.
The two enjoyed their day with good visibility on the wreck and wonderful weather.

Our best wishes to the newlyweds, may Bali's luck always shine on You and may Bali's sun always warm Your hearts.


bali animal blessing ceremony
Bali Safari & Marine Park Seeks God’s Blessing on ‘Tumpek Kandang’
– a Day Dedicated to Animals

Important in the calendar cycle of Balinese festivals is Tumpek Kandang Day – dedicated to seeking God’s blessing on the animal kingdom comprised of both the domesticated animals that share close proximity to man and the animals inhabiting the wild kingdom.
Tumpek Kandang fell on Saturday, August 9, 2014, and was celebrated with special enthusiasm at the Bali Safari and Marine Park that is home to 600 animals.

TTB Team


Scenic Tulamben-Full Moon

Besides the importance of the Full Moon (Purnama) on the Balinese calender.You will see always offerings on temples and houses.
Here in Tulamben the mother nature let us enjoy some unforgettable  moments once again. It will wonder  you almost every day. We have to say this place is very close to Paradise. Culture, ancient traditions and nature together.
Come to Tulamben and let you get surprised !!
Your TTT Team.

tauch terminal tulamben abfall beseitigung

Clean up Tulamben!

..this is the name of our current project together with the inhabitants and tourists of Tulamben. Together we collect garbage on land and below and underwater. To improve the motivation for all participants the Indonesian government pays 2000 IDR Rupiah per collected kilogramme. Tauch Termnal Tulamben guests did their his active contribution in this action and cleaned large parts of the surrounding coral reefs in front of the Tulamben coast.

TTT Team

tauch termnal resort & spa tulamben

Some interesting Tulamben Resort News

New on the restaurant Menu: Steak with Pepper sauce, Lasagna
New in the room: Soap and Shampoo dispenser
New on Programm: Game Night
New Tourist Bus from TTT (11)
New Games at the Restaurant

News from our Divecenter
2 Divemaster trainee: Nicole from Germany and Pauline from Sweden
New Reef Project placed in Coral Garden
Mola Mola sighting in Coral Garden on 24th June
Chance to see Mantas at Mantas Point is 99%

TTT Team


Sundowner and more....

19 years Tauch Terminal Tulamben also means now and then get invited from the management on a sundowner. Since it takes place in our beach bar the ocean view is already included. What could be better after a hard day waking up with sea view, full of diving, massage, sun bathing and enjoying fantastic food at ourm oceanfront resataurant? Here you go ...!!

TTT Team

indonesian visa on arrival fee

Visa on Arrival Fee Increased

Visa on Arrival Fee Increased to $35 on July 1, 2104 Together with an Entire Range of Immigration Fees. Effective on the first of July 2014, official fees charged by immigration for both national and foreigners increased across the board.
As a result of the new regulation, foreign visitors to Bali and Indonesia are now paying US$35 for a 30-day Visa-on-Arrival, an increase from the former charge of US$25.

TTB Team

bali tulamben korallen ansiedlung

Tulamben Riffproject

The bay of Tulambens has a lot to offer for divers and snorkellers. Especially the U.S.A.T. Liberty shipwreck and the large biodiversity lure divers and snorkellers again and again back to Tulamben/Bali. The enlargment and sustainability of our coral garden in front of our resort is the goal of our tauch terminal dive team. The image shows how our divers prepare the basis for a new coral garden.

TTT Team



Tulamben Wonder Series DVD

Would you like to show your friends and family the beauties from Tulamben's underwater world? oUR Tauch Terminal Tulamben Multimedia DVD is still available with underwater videos and slide shows. Macro Heaven: The tiniest and amazing critters in these volcanic waters. USAT Liberty Wreck: History, mystery and diversity marine life on perhaps one of the most famous wrecks worldwide. Take home the wonders of this paradise and you will submerge back to theses waters at anytime. Please ask at our front desk for the DVD.

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bali tulamben resort dive compressor

Technical Upgrade – A new Compressor

To deliver always the best service to our customers we permanently keep our equipment up to date. Our latest acquisition is a COLTRI compressor and this gear makes sure that our dive bottles get refilled in no time.

TTT Team



bali tulamben resort ceremony

Our annual balinese ceremony at Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben

Bali is worldwide famous for it's many ceremonies and processions. Every year we also held a large ceremony in our dive resort to keep up the positive spirit. All our staff and their families participate this event in their traditional clothing "sarong" in a ceremonial decorated area of the resort. While the holy priest consecrate the offerings and the area, the sound of traditional balinese Xylophon, bells and the so called Gamelan orchestra is to hear. For our guests this event is always something very special to observe!

TTT Team



bali dolphin

The daily Bali Delfin Show

A friendly visit from the curious dolphins. Dolphins repeatedly paying their tribute as well, they took their time passing by today, a school of dozens of this beautiful animals. Few were able to take a decent shot, and the ones who were laid the camera happily aside just to miss a couple of wales. Seems like even the mammals approve of Tauch Terminal Tulamben,  good to know...

TTT Team



bali F1 circuit

Bali F-1 circuit?

Plans to build a F-1 circuit on provincial land located in Jembrana regency in Bali must first be endorsed by the Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) and undergo careful review and study for overall viability. The proposed race circuit will require an allocation of 300 hectares of land.
The proposal is still in its early days. A preliminary survey is being carried out on behalf of a candidate investors by PT Sarana Sirkuitindo Utama. It is the investor’s responsibility to show the financial viability of an international racetrack for Bali.
According to NusaBali, plans for the F-1 Circuit in Jembrana call for a starred-hotel and a expressway connecting Kuta-Tanah Lot – Soka – Perkutatan – Seririt.
Heralding a problem for the new course encountered by F-1 promoters worldwide, recent laws ratified in Bali ban sponsorship of events by tobacco producers.

TTT Team



bali tulamben resort event board

Don't miss it...

aside of our lobby on the wall of our dive center we placed a event board to update our guests frequently regarding the planned events in the present week. Don't miss it...have frequently a look onto our board to be sure not miss any of our events.

TTT Team



bali airport service tax

International Airport Tax to Increase

PT Angkasa Pura - the managers of Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport have announced that effective April 1, 2014, the passenger service charge or "airport tax" for departing international passengers will increase from Rp. 150,000  (US$13) to Rp. 200,000 (US$17.50).

TTT Team




sub surface annual contest winner

Sub Surface Annual Photo Contest 2013

Congratulations to the winner of the Sub Surface Annual Photo Contest 2013 Mr. Laslo Elod.
The 3rd prize in the section of "Open Wide Angle" is a 2days and 1 night stay in our Tauch Terminal Tulamben Dive Resort with free dives for 2 person. We expecting the winner soon in our facility and wish a pleasant stay in Tulamben, Bali.

TTT Team



bali tulamben njepi 2014

The annual Hindu Nyepi celebration on March 31st

Hindu saka calendar is a lunar cycle that more closely follows our own year in terms of the length of the year. Nyepi is a major festival of the saka year, it's the last day of the year, the day of total silence throughout the island. No activity, no traffic at all on the roads, no fire may be lit for 24 hours. Great purification and sacrificial rites are held the day before so as to exorcize evil spirits from every corner of the island. On Nyepi day itself, every street is quiet - there are nobody doing their normal daily activities.
No traffic is allowed, not only cars but also people, who have to stay in their own houses. Light is kept to a minimum or not at all, the radio or TV is turned down and, of course, no one works. Even love making, this ultimate activity of all leisure times, is not supposed to take place, nor even attempted.

From the religious and philosophy point of view, Nyepi is meant to be a day of self introspection to decide on values, eg humanity, love, patience, kindness, etc., that should kept forever. Balinese Hindus have many kind of celebrations (some sacred days) but Nyepi is, perhaps the most important of the island's religious days. Nyepi Day of Silence, March 31st 2014

TTT Team

bali tulamben resort zimmer

Shining in new glance

Our fresh renovated and now even more bright rooms. They invite to relax and enjoy or just to have a cozy evening.
With a glass of wine on the terrace, in the middle of our green garden.

TTT Team

bali tulamben resort rooms

Rooms shine in new splendor

Now that the renovation is almost complete, we want to give you a taste of the result. Even brighter and friendlier than before, with white accents and furniture in white - wash, the room now should be even cozier and more inviting for you to linger.
But see for yourself ..

TTT Team

tulamben tauch  resort bali dance night

Bali Dance Night
Our first Bali Night in february was a really good event, with nice guest and - as usual - a awesome group of dancers.
A must See

TTT Team

satoshi ito gewinnt fotowettbewerbsatoshi ito


our popular and long-standing guest in our Tauch Terminal Resort & Spa Tulamben and friend SATOSHI ITO won a prize in the category "BASIC COMPACT" at the previous IWVPC2013 (Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest) for the photo portrayed here on the right side. We from Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort Team congratulate Satoshi very warmly for this much longed award and we wish him a lot more success in coming yeaRS with his passion in underwater photography.

TTT Team
prize photo satoshi ito
indonesian liveaboard dive cruises

Indonesia Liveaboard Dive & Exploration Cruises 2014

Did you ever join one of the ultimate dive adventures? Liveaboard dive & exploration cruises around the Indonesian archipelago are an unforgettable experience even for professional divers and underwater photographers. The Indonesian archipelago offers like no other destination on the world unique and remote dive places & islands with breathtaking nature and an extraordinary underwater world to explore.

Starting from only 3 to 5 days cruises to the famous Komodo Marine Park up to 3 week cruises in comfortable Phinisi Schooners to the remote islands of the Indonesian archipelago like Papua, Moluccas, Alor, Irian Jaya and so on…you can enjoy such a unique dive experience too. For more details just check on www.indonesialiveaboard.com
This website offers a wide range of spectacular dive destinations in the Indonesian archipelago and available ships to enjoy a extraordinary dive experience. In combination with a stay in our Tulamben Resort you will have a perfect holiday. Please feel free to contact our office for more details and bookings.

TTB Team

fried ice creme

New dessert-offer in our restaurant

I am very proud to introduce our new dessert creation to you today.

-Fried Ice Cream-
May sound weird first, but super delicious to enjoy as dessert or simply as a small snack in between.
Our kitchen and restaurant team looks forward to welcome you.

TTT Team

new tulamben dachrinne

Lazybed even more comfortable now

In the rain season the lazy beds got sometimes a bit wet and were not to enjoy.
Now we extended the roof and installed a new gutter so they stay dry and can even be enjoyed during rainy days.
Come and try it yourself

TTT Team

new tulamben info board

New Info-Board

Recently we installed a new blackboard. On that board you will find all the events of the upcoming week so you are always up to date and don’t miss out any of our great events.

TTT Team

santa claus in tulamben bali

Christmas time

Also this year we had a special Christmas dinner, with festive decorated tables, a well chosen menu and even Santa was there :-)

Ihr TTT Team

merry christmas wishes from TT Team Tulamben Bali

Seasonal greetings,...

We, the entire Team of Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa wish all Tulamben and scuba diving friends - and of course also all who like to become - a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

For the next year we already prepared again great dive packages, dive safaris and extraordinary dive experiences for all Tulamben and Bali fans. We can't wait to welcome all Tulamben and scuba diving friends next year to present them a great time in our resort.

Your TTT Team

tulamben sun chair


Our slightly redesigned seating area ideal for debriefing and deco beer.
Of course, this can also be used to browse our selection of fish books.
In the background, our new designer sun beds are used and also the tried and true wooden sun beds are in use.
Not blazing sunshine, but pleasant temperatures and no rain invite as before to relax by the pool.

Bye for now

TTT Team

debriefung at tulamben resaort
tulamben tauchbasis manager

New Dive Base Manager

Recently Wolfgang Becher, also called wolf, started his job as new dive base manager.
He is 45, German, and instructor for SSI, PADI and IANTD.
Wolf has already dived in many countries and collected a lot of experience all over the world, for example Africa, America and Asia.
Just drop by for a beer in our Drop Off Pool Bar, and I am pretty sure he has some stories to tell.
One thing is certain: With him you're his good hands [or claws as they say for wolves;)]

See you soon.

Marc and the TTT Team
tulamben newspaper

Hot From The Press!!

Since March 2009 Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben we offer our very own Tauch Terminal Tulamben newspaper daily! The printed edition features World's Top News of the day, from economics, politics, and sport news. The paper is also publishing daily special packages offer to all our in-house clients, from Spa, diving, till the daily offered land excurshions to all Bali's spectacular cultural sites. And it comes in 2 languages - English and German!! We still offer our daily newspaper at our reception and in our oceanfront restaurant. Have a look...

TTT Team
geister muraene

Blue Ribbon Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita)

Male Blue Ribbon Eels change gender on demand, that is if there are not enough female eels around. In the process they even change color, from blue-yellow to black-yellow, sometimes even yellow-green. This transformation makes this up to 1,2m long and astonishingly slim species pretty unique within the Murray genus.
Besides, juvenile Blue Ribbon Eels are completely black, hence in former days they were classified as a separate species.

TTT Team

bali toll road

Good news for our resort guests

guests of our Tulamben Resort & Spa have now a significant shorter journey (approx. 30 min.) to our resort thanks to the on 1st October new opened by pass toll road between the Denpasar Intl. Ngurah Rai Airport and Sanur.
No annoying traffic jams anymore around Kuta.

TTT Team

dolphin encounter

A friendly visit from the curious dolphins

Dolphins repeatedly paying their tribute as well, they took their time passing by today, a school of dozens of this beautiful animals. Few were able to take a decent shot, and the ones who were laid the camera happily aside just to miss a couple of wales. Seems like even the mammals approve of Tauch Terminal Tulamben,  good to know...

TTT Team

bali apec summit 2013 airport shut down schedule

Important Announcment:

Bali Denpasar Airport (Domestic/International) will be partially closed during the APEC CEO Summit 2013
at below detailed schedule:
5th Oct                   10:00 – 16:00
6th Oct                   10:00 – 20:00
8th Oct                   10:00 – 20:00
9th Oct                   10:00 – 16:00

TTT Team


A Neverending Tale of The Tulamben Shipwreck
Lately diving has been really amazing in Tulamben.
Beside the well known “Liberty Wreck” beauty there is always a tiny  difference between  a good diving day to a memorable diving day. We had the chance to enjoy the intriguing dance of the “Wonderpus” Octopus. One of the most weird underwater critters you can see. Check our news periodically to be updated with the last underwater encounters.

TTT Team

miss world competition bali 2013

Bali, Island of the Gods chosen as the location of Miss World 2013 because of its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The Miss World 2013 event is scheduled to last for a month in September 2013. Bali will welcome 131 beautiful women ambassadors from various countries around the world.

Miss World 2011 from Venezuela, Ivian LunaSol Sarcos Colmenares, says Bali is the perfect place for the Miss World 2013 event. “The hospitality of Bali is so pronounced. This will be felt by all the ambassadors who will come to this beautiful island paradise next year.”

TTT Team

bali tulamben dive girls

"Dive Girls" Australia!!
A hilarious group - fun and pure joy of life !
Thank you for your visit at our Tauch Terminal Tulamben!

We're looking forward to the month of October - the "Dive Girls" will be back -  giving us a lot of fun again!

TTT Team

tulamben bali wasp fish

Rare Visitor in Tulamben

Last week one of our customers got lucky stumbling over one of them almost in front of our resort. Congratulations, quite an impressive little fellow this Cackadoo Waspfish.
But then again, it's not only luck helping you finding eye catchers like this, it also needs passion and a high level of attention to not just pass our little friends unnoticed.

TTT Team

happy family at tulamben bali

Another day in Paradise!

Phil Collins quoted by family Pücher from Vienna!
3 memorable weeks at our Tauch Terminal Resort & Spa in Tulamben, Bali.
We will be back next year for sure !
Gerhard Pücher and Family.

We're glad to welcome family Pluecher again in 2014.

 TTT Team

mola mola sunfish tulamben bali

Check out our newest Spa treatments

Did  you ever pamper yourself in our well equipped Spa? This is definitely beside your dive and snorkel activities here in Tulamben a experience you shouldn’t miss during your stay in our resort. Beside various full and partly body massage treatments we offer now also the worldwide famous “Hot Stone Massage”. Hot stone massage is a special massage treatment where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on your body while they massage other parts of your body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles, so the therapist can work more deeply & more quickly. Also manicure & pedicure is now available in our all new and spa program. Our spa girls can’t wait to serve you for true relaxation.

TTT Team

mola mola sunfish tulamben bali
Extraordinary Guest

With the season for the Ocean Sunfish long over, and this fellows being rather rare guest in Tulamben anyway, we were pretty surprised to have one of them just a couple days ago joining some of our divers for some minutes on the Drop Off.
Happy on one hand it also teaches us something again: always expect the unexpected. Or with other words: the ocean is no aquarium, so always keep your senses sharp and your skills up to date and diving will be save and joyful.

TTT Team
tirta gangga water palace

Tirta Gangga Waterpalace

Today we want to draw your attention to one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots around Tulamben – the “Tirta Gangga Waterpalace” close to Amlapura. Only a few kilometers or 30 minute car drive from Tulamben this sightseeing spot is worth the ride. Upon entering Tirta Gangga, visitors will see a large pool decorated with statuary. The statues of Balinese Gods and Goddesses keep watch, standing on platforms surrounded by water. Very large gold fish swim the cool waters, swimming up to the pool’s edge to solicit food from visitors. Please ask our reception for a trip to Tirta Gangga or other selected sightseeing spots around Tulamben.

TTT Team

dive girls at tulamben bali
Customer Support Local Community

It is always really nice, if tourist also find a true interest in the country they chose for vacation. An interest besides diving, sunbathing and the usual things one is keen to get into as soon as one arrives at his destination.
End of this month we have a group checking in taking that whole issue even a step further. DiveGirls will support the local community with materials for the elementary school. Such a beautiful thing to do, it almost leaves me speechless.

Thank you Dive Girls!

TTT Team
mola mola bali tulamben

It's Mola Time

With two sightings in two successive days one can say that the Mola Mola season starts significantly earlier this year. One time two of them, and the other day even four in rather shallow depths came as a surprice. A nice one though - who wants to complain?
Well then, charge all batteries, empty your cards and be prepared for one of the most stunning and impressive creatures out there.

Good Hunting!

TTT Team

volker at tauch terminal tulamben bali

No Handicap despite Handicap!

So I can summarize my holidays at Tauch Terminal Tulamben last April 2013.
I had decided to TT Tulamben because the dive centre and hotel are perfectly suited to the needs of divers and comprehensively respond to individual requests.
That was important for me because I am limited in my performance despite many years of diving experience and a valid medical fit to dive certificate.
This I could talk confidently with the base manager Roger and he accompanied me on all dives.
From him I got all necessary assistance above and below water, which I needed for a safe and enjoyable dive, including tranquil photo positions.
So I was able to complete a number of safe dives despite physical limitations.
For this support, I would like to thank Roger and The TTB team again.

Best Regards from home.

New underwater torch

New Underwater Lights!
A night dive on the U.S.A.T. Liberty is an experience beyond compare!
Creepy crawlies in search of food, sleeping parrot fish, Spanish dancers and the big Hump-Head-Parrotfish spending the nights at our wreck, inspire us again and again.
This because of the wonderful color splendor we produce now even better and more enjoyable.
10 underwater lamps, NTEC LED torches, newly arrived with us!  Thank you, Christian Knost, for the delivery!
We are pleased to make unique night dives with our valued guests!

TTT Team

bali tulamben resort hygienic
Annual Hygiene Checkup,

To be able to always deliver on the highest level, sometime one has to employ external help. Especially when it comes to such sensitive areas as hygiene. Whit the government commissioned hygiene checkup from Udayana Laboratorium Kesehatan Masyarkat fresh on my table, I'm very happy to tell that all our efforts are paying off. Bar, restaurant and kitchen staff where all checked, as well as water quality and facilities down to plates, knifes and chopping boards.
Although I have to admit I'm not surprised, we do believe it is important to renew trust and safety especially in that departments again and again.

TTT Team
customer alliance pantone
Customer Alliance

It is our desire to provide you with the best experience possible, and so we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Customer Alliance will help us with that on a large scale. Offering an easy way for our customers to rate different areas and services in or resort plus providing us with detailed analytical statistics to easily and quickly find problems or service increase potential.
We as Tauch Terminal Tulamben hope that you will support this effort. The only thing that possibly can happen is that we get even better. And that's a promise.

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben bali odalan cermony

The annual resort ceremony took place just about a week ago. All staff, partially family members, owners and almost all guest attended the Hindu ceremony. And as usual everybody enjoyed himself quite a bit. Especially for the guest it is always really interesting to probe into authentic traditional food. Of course there also are some surprises, especially when it comes to the amount of chili commonly used.

Now Tauch Terminal is blessed again, the goods are invited back into the temples and happily set up home again. So if you were hesitating so far, now there's no excuse anymore. Visit us on the island of gods, you'll see what I'm talking about in the smile on every single face around.

TTT Team
youtube turtle movie
Kura Kura Tales

Kura Kura is the Indonesian word for turtle. And quite opposed to Murphy's Law this time i had our new GoPro camera with me, battery charged, space on the card and ready to shoot. Well, who would not have taken the opportunity to get some closeup footage. And one thing i'll tell you, this supermodel was fun to work with.

Check it out at Youtube http://goo.gl/yR0YT

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben resort & spa kitchen staff
This is Tauch Terminal

There's a German proverb "love goes through the stomach". Who's not to agree? Here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben you are in the best hands. A experienced and flexible crew of 13 will always provide you with fresh and delicious meals from 7 in the morning 'till late evening. As we all know, especially for divers it's a pretty important thing to have good food in fair portions. The girls and boys in our kitchen will happily take care that matter.

TTT Team
ISBN Students

IBSN students

And again we were pleased to welcome IBSN students to our Tauch Terminal Tulamben. This time there were 118 students within four days which are enjoying a semester abroad in Bali. After getting detailed information about our resort, presented by the manager Andreas, the students were offered to do a try dive. The first breaths under water was an experience and elicited many a: „ Wow – this is awesome!“ Certainly , we were able to inspire some of them to the amazing under water sport and may welcome them soon to the circle of divers!

TTT Team

bali tulamben wedding

I Just Want A Bit Part In Your Life

Purpose, tradition and heritage of Easter weekend is commonly known. But why not adding an extra bit? Like getting married with Sea View? Ms. Kordula and Mr. Thomas did exactly that, whit a small, very moving ceremony here in our resort in the morning, a relaxing and a bit extraordinary boat trip to Amed for some diving, followed by a wonderful dinner buffet, accompanied by traditional Balinese dances and last not least some proper partying. Which ended - and who did expect something else here should seriously consider some holidays, rather sooner than later - with everybody in the pool. :)

Our best wishes to the newlyweds, may Bali's luck always shine on You. and may Bali s sun always warm Your hearts.

TTT Team

tullamben office staff
This is Tauch Terminal

The second leg of our journey takes brings us to the ones you normally encounter first. They always welcome you with a smile upon eciting your transportation vehicle. They also gonna be the last one to wave you good by. And being the secret central nervous system of Tauch Terminal Tulamben, this girls from the back office / reception truly deserve a spot in the lime light, even if they are at their best if one does not notice them.

TTT Team

Lomba Photo Indonesian World Underwater Photo Contest 2013

IWUPC 2013

We are proud to announce our participation in the Indonesian World Underwater Photo Contest 2013.
Held by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and creative Economy, it's the largest, the longest and most prestigious photo contest in the world. Cash prices over US$ 200.000 are waiting, it's basically open for everyone who took a photo anywhere in Indonesia within the period in question. More information you find here http://www.indonesiaunderwatercontest.com

Tauch Terminal wishes you all the best of luck!

TTT Team

bali njepi day 2013

Njepi Day, March 12 - 2013

For all who are not prepared yet - Njepi Day is in sight agian!! For 24 hours an enforced restrained is placed on all island dwellers from driving, shopping, dining, partying and for the more relevant even the general use of electricity is taboo. Our beloved little island finally gets the environmental sabbatical it still desperately deserves. But Njepi is also a holy day for self-reflection and marks the coming New Year on the Balinese calendar.

TTT Team

tauch terminal resort tulamben & spa restaurant staff
About Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa

In this miniseries we want to introduce ourself in some more detail, so let's start today with our restaurant staff. This ladies and gentleman happily will take care all your needs and wishes from early morning coffee at 7:00am to late night Balinese soup at 10:00pm. And by the way, just give them a brief chat and you'll get everything served in your room even..
Well, maybe you can remember some from your last holiday? Or you might get an idea about the nice and competent folks you'll  trust with your well-being on your next vacation?

TTT Team
ssi diamond instructor resort

Great news from Bali Indonesia,

Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa is the very first and only Resort on Bali which has been awarded the exclusive
SSI Diamond Instructor Training Resort" rating!

This is only the second Dive Resort in Indonesia this rating has been awarded.

Thanks to all of you and all your support.
Sunny greetings from Bali,
Team Tauch Terminal

wifi internet at tulamben reasort bali
Internet Comfort

Having made our WiFi free of charge for our guest last year, now we further improve the experience. Due to layout and the incorporated construction materials, so far our WiFi is only accessible in the in the outdoor areas, but not inside our rooms. And that is about to change. Within the next days we'll take steps to have all rooms covered with the signal, making it even more convenient for our guest to stay connected.
Granted, 'just' another small step. But one that shows one more time that we from Tauch Terminal Tulamben care.

TTT Team
manta diving

Great Photo Shots

This week a link to a superb Foto series about Tulamben from one of our Guests Sven Plümpe.  Sven and his wife came to visit us in Tulamben  in July to August 2012.  Please check the below Link to some impressive shots of Tulamben above & underwater as well as Manta Point.Link: http://www.tauchimpressionen.de/galerie/bali

TTT Team 
group diving in bali tulamben

Friends from Naturzeit-Wassersport from Ludwigsburg

Right now a funny group of diving enthusiasts from Ludwigsburg/Germany starts into the new diving season with an extended stay here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. They're spanning a wide range of age, mixing easily man and woman and including experienced divers with 1000+ dives but also the newbie with less than 20 dives and never having set foot into the ocean.
Besides them being a lovely bunch, they in fact do represent the things we all love so much about diving: doing something we all love together, in a wildly mixed group, on exotic spots, introducing us additionally to new experiences with cultures, nature, food and the charms of places like this.

TTT Team

Boot 2013 exhibition germany

At the moment we are all pretty much busy preparing for the next mayor exhibitions, the BOOR in Duesseldorf/Germany from Jan 19th - Jan 27th 2013, and the DRT SHOW Shanghai from March 22nd to March 24th 2013.
We would be more than happy if you would honor us with a visit. And as always there surely will be the time for the one or the other chitchat

TTT Team
bali tulamben gewitter
Tulamben In A Different Light

A sunny tropical island, blue water and palm trees expresses the most common concept Bali is wildly seen in. But there's another side to it, nonetheless stunningly beautiful and breathtaking. Best observed of course in raining season, when thunderstorms going havoc on the far horizon, raging in their wild beauty like there's no tomorrow and almost making one believe to have seen daylight for the last time. Next morning then, with first light and again blue skies, the nightly onslaught is almost forgotten. Just deeply buried inside this prehistoric corner of our heart, we silently hope to have the wild gorgeousness back tonight.

TTT Team
tulamben bali greeing cards
Individualize Your Greetings From Tualmben

In the days of internet, email and file hostern, more and more people yearn for a way of including a personal touch once in a while. We are happy to announce a small new service for our guest here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben, an individualized greeting card. Choose one of our motives, or even better: take a shot of your liking, including family or cocktails in the pool. we'll print that for you and there it is, the unique post card to remind all folks at home, how hard holiday life is here in Tulamben.

TTT Team
Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Our Tauch Terminal Bali and Tulamben Dive Resort & Spa Team sends his seasonal greetings to all it's supporters, friends & guests all over the world. It is our pleasure to welcome former and new guest in our Tulamben Dive Resort & Spa in the coming new year 2013 to enjoy a very special time with us on Bali island.

TTB Team

tulamben bali juveline frogfish

Juveline Froggy

A good week for yet more juvenile Frogfish.  We found this little guy on a night Dive on the way from the Coral Garden to the Wreck of the USAT Liberty.  We presume it is a Brackish Water Anglerfish.  It was about 1 cm long and are still waiting for the confirmation of what exact species we are talking about.

TTT Team

Phycocaris Simulas

Phycocaris Simulans

The Hairy Shrimp (phycocaris simulans) is also called Algae Shrimp and one of the strangest shrimps here in Tulamben. Basicly it looks like a very tiny piece of Algea. They grow up to 5 mm in size and sit in between Algae or on rocks and rubble. They can be white, brown, red, yellow or even sometimes greenish and perfect their camouflage with their hairy outgrowth. The tail of the Hairy Shrimp stands high up and gives him a swan-like profile. The Hairy shrimp usually stays in the same area … they can swim, but normally just move their body right an left with the surge. If you have sharp eyes (or a good macro lens) you can often see eggs attached to the belly of the shrimp. Our guides can help you to find these tiny creatures.

TTT Team

bali tulamben recreational diving
Recreational Diving

It's interesting to get someones opinion on something we especially like, isn't it. And us being a dive resort, you might want to know what our approach to our all favorite pastime is, what we think about diving and how we like it to be seen.


TTT Team
meeres schnecken in tulamben bali
Nudis in Tulamben

Ever wondered about the sheer amount marine life variety in the tropical seas? Interested in Nudibranches? Well, I dare to believe both comes together pretty much to your liking here in Tulamben.
Courtesy of a former management member of Tauch Terminal, and now owner of a diving holliday specialized travel agency, we are able to give you a small glimpse of what to expect in especially that department in our waters.
Take a close look at this but small collection of shapes and colors, imagine discovering them right on our door step and then take a step back, trying to just get the smallest idea how many things still lay waiting for discovery.

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben bali foto wettbewerb

Photo Competition

This week we had the honor to have the winner of the Marco Polo Travel Photo Competition in our Resort.  Christian Wakolbinger won the 1st price which was a ten day stay at our Resort for 2 people.  Since his wife needed to stay home to take care of the Kids his friend Andreas Krenn joined him on the trip.  During their stay they took every chance to take pictures of this beautifull island.

TTT Team

dfl logo
Diving For Life

The 21st Anniversary of Diving For Life SCUBA Jamboree was held in Bali/Indonesia. Not the main host though, Tauch Terminal was pretty much the main organizer of the event. And for the last week we also had some 20 divers from that group visiting us here in Tulamben, getting to know our local underwater world. For the most part consisting of north Americans, and all quite seasoned and experienced divers, it was amusing to observe them being stunned by the our marine life diversity. A truly funny bunch, and much respect to the groups charitable activities, both locally at the spot of their Jamboree, as well as internationally.

TTT Team

tauch terminal tulamben video coral garden

From First Impression to Sweet Memory

Just recently I had the time to bring a long desired little project to an successful end: having a short video of one of our Tulamben dive sites. Others will follow, even if it takes rather months than weeks. But for the time being we can  offer you "The Coral Garden", either as a wonderful memory for your time here with us in Tauch Terminal, or as a teaser to have something to look forward to until you get to see this dive spot firsthand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_K6OJqIpqo

TTT Team

bali tulamben jukung race
Annual Jukung Race

Just today, October 7th, the annual Jukung Race took place. A couple dozen Jukungs sailing up up down on the track and the shore lined with spectators, both tourist and locals watching closely and cheering for their favorites. It doesn't get old and the skill the captain’s show is every time again amazing.

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tauch termn al tulamben dive resort dive master
Bridging Gaps

There are quite a bunch of most diverse communities around, worldwide diving community just one of them. Some of them overlap naturally, some of them not getting close to each other at all. And now there's the thing: sometimes one can make even such opposed groups merge happily.
Computer game nerds and divers, initial contact established in the online forum of one of the oldest German console game magazines, a parallel universe to say the least. By now it happened already for the second time that a core gamer had a wonderful time here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. Difference being that this time it also was mentioned in the print magazine itself, including picture uniting both universes.
Well now, like i always say, keep an open mind, keep your senses sharp and approach everything with respect and curiosity and you never know what good thing one might stumble upon.

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tulamben bali morey eel

Moray Eels

Did you know that Moray eels' heads are too narrow to create the negative pressure that most fish use to swallow prey. Quite possibly because of this, they have a second set of jaws in their throat called pharyngeal jaws,  which also possess teeth. When feeding, morays launch these jaws into the mouth, where they grasp prey and transport it into the throat and digestive system.

TTT Team

SSi Gold Instructor Andreas Wittig at Tulamben Resort

On my own behalf

Granted, I am in fact a little bit proud to receive this Recognition Award. But it also clearly speaks for itself: in terms of students again and again enjoying being taught here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben and by me, as well as customers choosing this great place for their diving holiday and then becoming students again along the way.

Thank you all for being so fantastic guest and students, and thank you Tauch Terminal for providing me with more than just work - for being a home.

TTT Team

tulamben bali ghost pipe fish
Ghost Pipefish Season

Tulamben is lucky enough to have the one or the other ghost Pipe Fish around all over the year. But quite as usual, especially in August & September they're almost flooding our dive sites. You will find Ornate Ghostpipe, Robust Ghostpipe to Halimeda Ghostpipe, the color variations range from almost translucent over white, green, yellow and brown to black and then again a wide variety of patterns.
One just needs some patience, a good eye for this little fellows or - even better - one of our excellent dive guides. Doesn't matter if you take pictures or hold them dear in your memory, it's always almost elevating to lay eyes on this delicate and beautiful creatures.

TTT Team

tauch terminal rsasort tulamben dive lesson

"Diving is somthing just for young people" Nonsense

In the last weeks at our resort one of our Instructors, had the honor to teach Ron Dowsett from Perth Australia the Padi Open Water Diver Course.
At the tender age of 72 Ron decided to set himself the goal of learning how to Scuba Dive. All went according to plan and Ron is now a certified Padi Open Water Diver. Congratulations Ron from the whole team for achieving your goal and enjoy the underwater world.

TTT Team
Tulamben Bali ambon scorpion fish

Stunning Encounter

Dive enthusiasts, especially seasoned critter hunters and photographers, will be delighted to hear about the new arrival on our dive menu here in Tulamben: Pteroidichthys amboinensis, commonly known as Ambon Scorpionfish.
Outside of his eponymous habitat so far only known from Lembeh Street is the discovery quite a sensation. This amazing little fellow is so well camouflaged that somebody, who hasn't laid eyes on him will simply overlook the animal.
Found by our guide Nengah Geria, and filmed by Mr. Godehard Kopp, we surely hope to have a long lasting relation with this secretive ambush hunter.

TTT Team

tauch terminal tulamben dive resort Yug
Abhinay Deo

The indian film maker and actual winner of the Golden Lion in the best direction category in the Film Craft Awards in Cannes, came to Tauch Terminal already the second time. Having the pleasure doing the Open Water Course with him last year, this time around he came with his whole family, including his son Yug, with whom I've done it again. Only on the Junior Level this time..
Lovely people, full of enthusiasm for anything diving and under water. Might be I'm closing the circle next year, doing the course with his wife. There' are not that many things more satisfying then reuniting a happy family under water again.

TTT Team

tulamben bali tiger shrimp

Spiny Tiger Shrimp ((Phyllognatia ceratophthalmus) residing in Tulamben

On one of our recent Dives we had the Honor to meet a pair of Spiny Tiger Shrimps.  The Spiny Tiger Shrimp belongs to the same family as the Harlequin Shrimp and are very small in size. They grow to about 2 cm but are often smaller. They are usually hidden in sponges, rubble, Algae or broken coral. They very often live in pairs, sometimes even in little groups or families. Characteristic is their beautiful colors, their spikes and their strange, wave like movements.

TTT Team

bali tulamben dive resort manta encounter
Rare Guest in Tulamben

Dolphins for breakfast, a whale for sunset, all that does happen on occasion. And everybody enjoys it, relaxes and maybe takes a photo. Back to business then, happens a couple times a year, next time surely comes.
It's a bit a different story when one unexpectedly stumbles over something almost unheard of here in Tulamben. On one of last week’s boat dives to Palung Palung everybody was excited by a turtle, pygmy seahorse, nudies and such, when all of a sudden a large Manta swept in, decided to stay for quite, a while and making Murphy's Law bitter reality for the ones (like me) among us equipped with macro lenses only.

TTT Team

Bali Tulamben Dive Resort Frig Fish

Juvenile Frogfish Alarm in Tulamben:

In the last couple of days we had multiple sightings of various species of juvenile Frogfish.  So small that you could fit about 3 of them on your Fingernail.  Definitely a highlight for any Macro enthusiast. We hope to have many more underwater Encounters with these magnificent Creatures.

TTB Team

tulamben bali em 2012
EM 2012

Although locally here in Tulamben we're really talking the small hours, the full European Championship Experience is as usual provided. Big screen in our Bar - commonly used for Formula 1 and our weekly underwater movie - lets you have the "right in the middle" feeling when at the same time your well being is taken care of by our bar staff. And if you can't get up in the middle of the night you always have the chance to catch a glimpse of the games next evening in the replay.

My guess about the new champion? All the people having the time of their life supporting their team! And Germany.

TTT Team

bali tulamben diving hymenocera

This week we had the pleasure of seeing Hymenocera picta, or more commonly known as the Harleqin Shrimp at our Housereef at a depth of about 22 meters. These special shrimp feed exclusively on Starfish and Crown of Thorns.  They grow up to 5cm in length and are usually found, like in our case in pairs of 2.

TTT Team
pygmy seadragon at tulamben dive resort bali
There will be Dragons...

Kyonemichthys rumengani, the Pygmy Seadragon, grows to a maximum 3cm of length, with only milimeters in diameter. In addition to the very unusual overall appearance, that might explain why it never has been spotted in Tulamben. At least nobody I know is aware of their presence. And now the good news: 2 sightings within 2 days. I'm stunned, i'm overwhelmed and I do not have much time to write about them now, because I gotta go back in the water looking for those little wonders.

TTT Team

pygmy seahores bali dive site tulamben
Denise is back

And not just any, but THE Denise: Hippocampus Denise to be specific.
Quite a rare breed worldwide, here in Tulamben we are lucky enough to have those little fellows around now and then. With a maximum size of 1,5cm, many times even much smaller than that, and on account of one of the best camouflage found in the oceans, they're pretty hard to spot. But then again, common things are so much less exciting.

TTT Team
tauch terminal bali tulamben kuhnasen rochen

New Dive Site "Satoshi Rock"

On our first dive at our new Divesite "Satoshi Rock" we spotted the Javanese Cow Nose Eagle Ray. The new Dive Site is just located 10 minutes from our Resort by car and is really a great place to dive.

TTB Team

tulamben dive reosrt bali sundeck
Once upon in time...

...there was a small patch of grass on a beautiful, scenic coastline. All surrounding areas were happily used by all the guest of Tauch Terminal Tulamben, but the little grassy patch lay deserted most of the time. And taking care of all assets equally, people started to wonder what could be done. After an exhaustively long and exhausting search they found a pair great white birds, full of knowledge and wisdom. The surprisingly simple answer made the people in charge jump into action, and so this formally deserted patch was transformed into a pool deck and finally fitted with a pair of elegant sun sails - resembling the wings of the omniscient white birds as a tribute.
And so the tale ends, with a transformed and now happy piece of land, delighted customers and the newly acquired knowledge that good things need time.

TTT Team

tauch terminal tulamben bali kajak adventure
Swimming, snorceling, diving. What else?

Tauch Terminal Tulamben is proud to introduce even more activities for your holiday to choose from: ocean kayaking. As of now our guest can grab one of our 3 brand new Kayak free of charge and go exploring Tulamben from a very different angle.
And if you think that sounds like fun, rest assured, it absolutely is!

TTT Team
IBSN students at tauch terminal Bali dive resort

IBSN Students at TTT Resort.

Studying International Business in Bali?  Yes it is possible. This week we had 22 IBSN students take their first breath underwater at our house reef Coral garden.  They are part of a group of people that are doing a Semester abroad in Bali.  It was a fun day for all.

TTT Team

tulamben dive resort bali meets Brazil

Brazil meets Bali

When 22 Brazilians, all of them experienced divers and under water photographers by the way, come to Bali to give it a shot, and right after the first dive can't get the glimmer out of their eyes anymore ... well, that certainly means something.
It won't be the last time we saw them, and it also won't take long until they hit Balis dive sites again. Naturally a funny crow we're all looking forward to that occasion.

TTT Team

bali tulamben dive resort sharks
Sharks of the Golden Triangle

Just recently Mr. Huge and Ms. Debra Beard were guests in our resort. Founder and CEO of Force Four Films, they look back on a long history of nature documentaries. One of them, before mentioned "Sharks of the Golden Triangle", was produced for CBC and Discovery Channel.
Kind as they are, they handed me a copy of the movie, emphatically allowing me to show it during our weekly Movie Night. A big 'thank you' from me and all our guest, who enjoyed the beautiful pictures and knowledgeable inside into one of oceans greatest wonders.

TTT Team

Quality of service

Constantly on the lookout to keep a constant high quality of service, or to even elevate it to higher levels, one main focus of course lays on the dive base. Especially equipment respectively equipment maintenance. Accordingly we jump on every opportunity, just recently we did send one of our Dive Staff, Mr. I Made Merta, to a training seminar for regulator maintenance held by Aqualung in Denpasar. Doing most service jobs ourself that's an important piece in the long chain of our quality assurance.

TTT Team

new sundeck at tulamben bali dive resort

New Sundeck

Our new Sundeck with view over the Tulamben Bay is ready to comfort our guests. Whether you like to sip on one of our bartenders mixed cocktails and enjoy the daily beautiful sunset or you just like to relax, read a book or watch the fishermen’s and divers & snorkelers activities - our new sundeck will suit you!

TTB Team

Bali Njepi Day

Earth Day - Njepi Day, March 23

While the rest of the world like to give the earth a break for one honorable yet meager, hour during the annual voluntary recess of Earth Hour - Bali really shows 'em how it's done with Njepi on 23rd March. For 24 hours an enforced restrained is placed on all island dwellers from driving, shopping, dining, partying and for the more relevant even the general use of electricity is taboo. Our beloved little island finally gets the environmental sabbatical it desperately deserves. But Njepi is also a holy day for self-reflection and the coming New Year on the Balinese calendar.

TTT Team

tauch terminal dive resort tulamben mr. marcel
New Kid On The Beach

We heartily say 'welcome' to our new reinforcement here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. Mr. Marcel did a short stint with us already, some 10 years ago. Now, finally back to one of his child hood places, he'll gonna be a more then welcome supplement for Dive Base and Hotel.

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben dive resort rashid saeed
Saeed Rashid

For somebody deeply involved into under water photography - or photography in general that is - this name might ring a bell. If not, check it out www.focusvisuals.com and be told, that Mr. Saeed going to be our honored guest from April 3rd to April 6th.
Being the wonderful person he his, that also means an unexpected opportunity for our guest. Mr. Rashid will be holding a small U/W Photo Workshop here in Tauch Terminal. One seat's taken by the way, I'm not going to miss that myself!
Sincerely hope I could rouse your interest? If you got any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

TTT Team

tauch terminal bali tulamben wedding ceremony

Monic & Peter

The two of them being long time friends to Tauch Terminal as well as personally to a lot of people within Tauch Terminal, it was us a great pleasure to host their Wedding Ceremony here in Tulamben.
Traditional balinese ceremony, with mandatory dress code and a high priest to carry out the marriage, the happy couple went through all the necessities with pride and glory, before finally opening a mixed balinese-western buffet. Set on the white sand beach next to the pool and unrestricted ocean view, the festivities went on until late at night. Anything else would have been deeply disappointing - of course.

All our best for the happy newlyweds!

TTT Team

Spirobranchus giganteus

Did you know?

Spirobranchus giganteus, most divers will refer to it as Christmas Tree Worm. This little creature is aptly named, referring to the well known structure divers are familiar with. The two chromatically hued spiral structures are the worms highly derived respiratory organs. On the other hand the two spirals are also specialized mouth appendages, allowing any prey trappen in them to be transported to the mouth. The spiral structures can be withdrawn - as any diver is well aware of. The remaining hole is then closed with a so called operculum, to increase the worms safety while into hiding.

TTT Team

Compressor Maintenance

Regular compressor maintenance is key to a successful diving operation. And mandatory as well, obviously. But once a year out faithful Coltri Sub compressors deserve even better: a complete overhaul. One of them is shining in new light already, the other one will soon be done as well. So we'll have the two beating an pumping and  tirelessly working little fellows back in perfect shape for the new season.

TTT Team



Occurring every 210 days, Galungan is the most important Balinese Hindu ceremony. Lasting for 10 days, the end is marked by Kuningan Ceremony, the deified ancestors descending to their former homes. They must be welcomed and entertained, prayers and offerings must be made for them.
Taking into account that most Balinese will visit their ancestral home in the course of the day - even if it is situated in a different part of the island - It does not make one wonder that on Galungan the efficiency and overall functioning of the island is somewhat decreased..
But as always everybody is welcome by the Balinese Hindu to celebrate with them that special day. Pro-tip: Although out of tradition Balinese food is somewhat spicey, on Galungan you most likely find the best traditional Balinese dishes served.

TTT Team

chinese new year 2012 year of the dragon
Chinese New Year

quite some percentage of all Indonesian population is of Chinese origin. So it's no surprice that Chinese New Year is official state holiday.
Chinese New Year now is the most important of all traditional Chinese holiday, also known as Spring Festival and thus marking the end of the winter season.
Traditions on how to exactly celebrate that day vary wildly, taking into account how many people and countries, cities and boroughs are implicated. Mostly people will pour out their money to buy presents, decorations, food and clothing. Families will thoroughly clean the house and on that way sweep out all misfortune to guarantee a good start into the New Year - the year of the Dragon!.

TTT Team

Boot Exhibition 2012 Germany

Boot Exibition 2012 in Düsseldorf/Germany

Like every year we're again at the "Boot" exhibition in Düsseldorf/Germany. We will be glad to welcome you at Hall 3, Stand A20 "Schoener Tauchen" and at Hall 3, Stand B16 "Aquaventure Hall.

TTT Team


Did you know - Arak

Arak is a Balinese Liquor distilled from Tuak, a rather special wine made from the coconut palm flower. Tuak is about 5% alcohol. Good arak can contain over 50%. Some Arak is distilled from Brem, a wine made from black glutinous rice and coconut milk.
Arak isn't only used for recreational purposes, it's widely utilized for medical and religious reasons. Many Balinese, who are practitioners of traditional Balinese medicine, utilize it externally to relieve aches and pains as well as a part of cures for more serious problems. It is also used in Balinese Hindu ceremonies.
Please don't confuse this product with the Arak that's the Turkish national drink.

TTT Team

decor chamber
Dive Guide Service

And this time in a way most won't have expected at this place: Tauch Terminal Tulamben cares for our guides.
Every year, mostly right after high season, we send our guides to a medical check up to Sanglah University Hospital. The procedure includes lung x-ray and a lengthy stay in their recompression chamber. That basically serves the purpose to get them, after a long saison, completely grounded again - nitrogen wise of course.

We work hard and do everything humanly possible to keep that the only occasion we do send somebody there.

TTT Team

bali tulamben stonefish


Stonefishes are really not easy to find, why? Because they are mostly held for stones and they really do not look like fishes, they also lurk mostly motionless for prey. If you see they swimming then it looks not just beautiful, it looks more like hopping around. However, interested to see them, we help you to find these unique animals.

TTT Team


Merry Christmas...

Our Tauch Terminal Bali and Tulamben Dive Resort & Spa Team sends his seasonal greetings to all it's supporters, friends & guests all over the world. It is our pleasure to welcome former and new guest in our Tulamben Dive Resort & Spa in the coming new year 2012 to enjoy a very special time with us on Bali island.

TTB Team

tauch terminal tulamben resort diving school


Since more than one week we have the ladies and gentlemen from Tachschule-Abyss in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. The 19 person strong group explores our beautiful underwater world and also enjoys some sightseeing tours around Bali. And it looks like that we have now a few more people who will talk exided about their diving trip to Bali and the unique underwater world.

TTT Team

bali tulamben raining season
Raining Season

It is kind of an urban legend for most people not living in the tropics what actually "Raining Season" really means. To try and contribute somewhat to the topic I'd like to give a brief description what it actually means, here in Tulamben.
To start with, you hardly ever will have rain for days on end. Worst case scenario in Tulamben rather means a cloud cover for 3 or 4 successive days. It might rain for 2 hours, let it sometimes be 3, most of the time significantly shorter. And a normal scenario here in Tulamben mostly means a sunny morning, midafternoon some clouds start to drift in and after the shower it starts to clear up again.
Most important though, diving conditions are quite seldom affected. Exceptions only happen when there's a worlds end scenario up in the mountains and the water reaches the shore as kinda river. Contrary to what many believe the Raining Season is an excellent time for divers. Even more so with respect to water temperatures and crowds.

TTT Team

Handicapped Diving

What started out some time ago, and climaxed last year in the certification od some handicapped divers, is by now almost kind of a tradition: Handicapped Day in Tulamben.
Organized and mainly deducted by SEEP (Sustainable Environment Education Program) and GAHAWISRI (Indonesian Marine Tourist Association) we as Tauch Terminal Tulamben were happy to support in any way we could, i.e regulators, tanks, bcd and general logistics.
And one thing is for sure - the big smiles on their faces are second to none!

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben resort airshot

Best location!

To show to our guests the absolute unique position of our Tulamben Resort to the famous WWII "USS Liberty" shipwreck we hired a helicopter to make some air shots. The air shots proof again that a dive from our Tulamben Resort & Spa is still the most comfortable way to explore the shipwreck and also our house reefs close by.

TTT Team


Our favorite season - the Mango season...

we're all happy now here in Tulamben - finally after 7 month without rain, the raining season seems to cheer Bali again. The beautiful landscape of North and East Bali blooms in juicy green and the beloved Mango fruit season is only a few weeks ahead. The daily short cloudburst is very welcomed by everybody because
it cleans the air and delivers refreshment from the daily humidity. We love the Mango season....

TTT Team

bali dive resort tulamben security

Obamas Arrival..

the American president Barak Obama and his Asian opposite numbers arrived meanwhile safe and sound on Bali Island to join the 19th Asean Summit on the resort island Nusa Dua. The VIP machinery is under full steam and our island bursts under the number of security services - also here in Tulamben. On our normally quiet north-east coast we can see police and fishermen patrols with binoculars watching the sea carefully to avoid unwelcome intruders.

No reason to worry...
TTT Team


30th Anniversary

It is not exaggerated to say that Mr Satoshi Ito is our most devoted guest. This time we do have the honor to welcome him for the 30th time. Well, quite a serious number Lady s and Gentlemen, wouldn't you say? In addition he also just did dive #1300 here with us. Congratulations and much respect!
To honor his dedication we asked him for his 30 most beautiful pictures, since being an faithful underwater photographer he's also got some wonderful shots of our local marine life. And that can be admired on his personal wall of fame.

Thank you Mr. Satoshi,
TTT Team

tauch terminal tulamben resort & spa
Keeping on to set our claims higher

We constantly try to improve our service. And with it guest well-being and contentment of course. And we also try to do that in areas were the feedback is extensively positive already. Like our Spa, just recently we had a professional, international experienced trainer on spot helping us to improve your experience even more. Just give it a go, you'll literally feel what I'm talking about.

TTT Team
tauch terminal tulamben tauch resort sonderangebot
Tauch Terminal Tulamben dive resort is pleased to announce a new special offer valid from 1.11.2011 till 15.3.2012

Stay 5 nights - pay only for 4 nights!
Stay 10 nights - pay only for 8 nights!

Stay 15 nights - pay only for 12 nights!

The Tauch Terminal Tulamben dive resort can't wait to welcome you at their outstanding dive resort - please book here!
tulamben bali nudibranch

Nudibrachs in all shapes and colors…
If you want to see these unique marine life with all its unusual forms and colors then you are right in Tulamben. The only thing you need is a bit of patience to find this creature, size between a few millimeters and up to several centimeters. And who also likes to make a few pictures  then don’t forget to check your pressure gauge frequently, because the time can pass a bit faster than normal. Interested? Then visit us, we would be happy.

TTT Team
wedding and diving in Tulamben, Bali
How about saying 'yes' in Tauch Terminal

Today we once again had the honor to host a wedding ceremony. Ms. Chan und Mr. Ho chose us as the place to exchange their vows. It can be so easy, still diving in the morning and not that much later all of the sudden one is wearing a wedding ring.
All our best for the newlyweds!

TTT Team
bali tulamben dive resort black tip reef shark

The black tips are back…

For a few weeks we did not see them, but now the black tips are back again and you can see them at almost every dive. If you think now that you have to go really deep you are mistaken , normally those up to 1,5 meter long reef sharks are in shallow water just in front of our resort. Interested? We are looking forward to welcome you.

TTT Team

diving roup from poland

Nautica Poland

Once again we could welcome a group of 15 divers from Poland in our resort. After several dives at Nusa Penida, including the Manta point, the enthusiastic group, which included also a handicap diver,  intensively explored the underwater world in Tulamben and they found a lot formerly to them unknown marine life. And so all of them were overwhelmed by the beauty of our dive sites.

TTT Team

bali tulamben dive center
First time abroad?

Spending a semester far away from home, on a tropical island surrounded by the Indo-Pacific ocean. A couple things immediately come to mind, right?! And obviously diving being one of them we invited the whole bunch again to Tauch Terminal to make a first hand impression possible for all of them. and let's see, we might soon welcome a lot of new friends under water.

TTT Team
tulamben open water diver

Our youngest dive student…

A few days ago young Tyler celebrated his tenth birthday, and just one day later he started with the junior open water diver course. For sure this is no coincidence that a 10 years old boy wants to learn to dive, since for him to hear only the underwater stories from his father was not enough anymore, he desperately wanted to experience it himself. So it was an honor for us to teach him diving and be rewarded with his shining enthusiastic children eyes. Great job Tyler and having said this we wish you many great dives..

The TTT Team

tulamben bali dive resort hotel

Spanish Dancer Galore

Having this little eye catcher around more less constantly all over the year, it clearly stands out when the encounters increase massively. At the moment it is almost impossible to do a night dive in our house reef, the coral garden right in front of Tauch Terminal Tulamben, without stumbling over this mind blowing underwater dancers. Having seen this most elegant creatures enchanting one with their beautiful dance is an experience one never forgets.

TTT Team


Guest from Italy

After some time passed we could again welcome a larger group from Italy in our resort. Their second stop after Komodo, and even having done quite a lot of diving there they furiously enjoyed their dives here in Tulamben, going crazy over Harlequin Shrimp, Ghost Pipefish and Frogfish. Also out of the water we showed them arounfd Bali rather intensely, and so we're happy to say they left deeply impressed from our small island, under as well as out of the water.

TTT Team

underwater indonesia
"Our Underwater Indonesia"

The very first Indonesian publication thematising Indonesians underwater world purely from the view of Indonesian citizens. Part of the team contributing to this little treasure is one of our regular repeater guest, Mr. Bambang Sugiantoro. So it does not wonder that amazing shots from Tulamben found their way into the book.

TTT Team
mola mola sunfish

Care for a Mola Mola?

Well, all signs are set for an encounter of the special kind. Up to 3 meters from fin tip to fin tip, one of the strangest shapes of all creatures out there and so rare that a few divers only can say from them selve ever have seen one up close.
Conditions, especially water temperature, steadily move make their way towards peak perfect. And the first sightings have been made already. Looks like we gonna have a fantastic Ocean Sunfish season again, all the way till beginning of November.

TTT Team

Constantly Extended Service

Even if our guest are perfectly happy, we are constantly on the lookout to upgrade our guest experience.
Last bit which fell into place is a brand new sun sail for our dive base, offering constantly some shadow while sun worshipers are still able to catch the one or the other sun ray.
Construction + arrangement of the canopy allows the sun at one time each day to cover every part of the dive base, thus allowing a complete dry up everywhere to avoid constand wet and slippery areas.
So far we had the most positive feedback. Looks like we've done one more thing right for your welfare.

TTT Team

soccer price

Winn with Tauch Terminal

You consider yourself a football/soccer expert? Or you just feel like giving it a shot? Well, it's worth your while. On the annual Spiegel-Online Kickktip for the german first Fottbal League we're one of the main sponsors this time. The price,
2 weeks Tauch Terminal with an overall value of 6.000€. All right then, try your luck, even as a German First League novice.
Additional info: http://tippspiel.spiegel.de/content.php?page=price_list&ch=FB&t=BL1112&l=de

TTT Team

tulamben billiard table

New Billiard Table

To shorten the surface interval, and to provide another means of entertainment, we proudly present our new billiard table on the first floor of our restaurant. Naturally all our guest, divers or non divers, are heartily invited to give it a go every time. We're looking forward to interesting matches.

TTT Team

Schöner Tauchen Tauchen (Pretty Diving) Poland

For the very first time we had guest from Poland in our resort. And since every nationality handles slightly different - even more so as a big group -  we surely were as agitated as them being the first time in Bali respectively Indonesia.
They intensely took the opportunity to discover Bali above and even more below the surface, tried to get as much impressions from here as possible and left overwhelmed with the fantastic experience Bali offers to them who are willing to listen.

TTT Team

Lucky Winner

Last week we had the honor to welcome the winner of our European Championship 2008 Prediction Game, Mr. Ralf and Ms. Sybille, on our Tauch Terminal Tulamben page.
Due to being caught up in work and such, they just made it here now, alsmost 3 years later. But nevertheless congatulations again from all of us! And we surely hope you did enjoy your stay as much as we did having you here.

TTT Team
Swimming For a Better World

Mr. Monte Monfore lives a dedicated live, selflessly pursuing the most noble goals of them all: helping other people.
But to start right at the beginning, Mr. Monte is a world class swimmer, within the scope of his abilities lay things like crossing from Java to Bali, or from Bali to Nusa Penida. But all this events focus primarily on raising attention to problems otherwise barely reach the general public's mind. To make a long story short: "Swimming for peace, Humanitarian Concerns, a Greener and Bluer Planet."
We here at Tauch Terminal Tulamben were honored to accommodate such an outstanding person.
For more information about his activities pleas follow the link http://www.monteswimmer.com/

TTT Team

geister muraene

Did you know? Blue Ribbon Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita)

It is pretty weird, male Blue Ribbon Eel change gender on demand, that is if there are not enough female eels around. In the process they even change color, from blue-yellow to black-yellow, sometimes even yellow-green. This transformation makes this up to 1,2m long and astonishingly slim species pretty unique within the Murray genus.
Besides, juvenile Blue Ribbon Eels are completely black, hence in former days they were classified as a separate species.

TTT Team


Rain goes, Sun comes

If we talking about the sun I'd like to include the Sunfish here as well. With raining season gone now we also had a couple of times the rare Sunfish visiting us here in Tulamben. A bit pre-seasonal, but who would even think about complaining here?

TTT Team

Wedding Anniversary With Culmination

Ms. Brunhild and Mr. Matthias choose the Tauch Terminal Tulamben to celebrate their 25 year silver wedding anniversary. And once doing so abroad, even more in a typical diver location, start into the next 25 years with a new challenge: lern to dive. So it was a honor for us to take them on the hand and help them with their first steps into the new adventure.
Congratulations again and our best wishes inside and out of the waters.

TTT Team
TT Manager Mr. Philips

We here at Tauch Terminal Tulamben are happy to welcome Mr. Philipp as a complement to our management team. Mr. Philipp is Italian of birth, but from the german speaking part though. So german and english care for our guest will be guaranteed in the future as well.
And as a PADI as well as a SSI instructor he will reinforce our service in that department as well.

TTT Team
The gods are back

Yesterday we celebrated the annual resort ceremony, inviting the gods back to our place, welcoming them with joy and open heartily and so making sure we gonna have another successful and prosperous year before us.
As usual guests were more than welcome to have a close look. Taking pictures and video footage, and also joining the traditional meal Balinese will always have after such ceremony.

Now the religious prerequisites are set, it's only up to us to give you the time of your life. And we will do our best.

TTT Team

How to enkindle excitement

Just take a bunch European students doing a semester abroad here in Bali, invite them to Tulamben and give them the chance to get a brief close up from the fantastic underwater world here in Bali. That's it actually.
For your own excitement we recommend pay attention to their happy faces on leaving the water.

TTT Team

Daily Offerings

If you've ever been to Bali, you might have wondered about the small offerings distributed 3 times a day on many different locations throughout Bali - ranging from temples over everybody houses to ordinary streets and walkways.
The Balinese Hindu basically believe in good and bad ghosts and demons. And now those offerings are supposed to please the bad folks under all the spiritual beings, to keep them at bay and make sure they won't do any harm.
Pretty pragmatic, isn't it? But on the other hand - seeing Bali prospering - it also seems to work.

You want to know more about Balinese traditions? Then here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben is the place to experience Bali first hand.

TTT Team

japanese flag

All with Japan

We would like to express our full support and condolences to all Japanese people after the natural disaster that devastated the north of the country.
There are not differences on language, culture or religions. There are families and children and we really believe these difficult moments have to make all persons and all countries to stay together, work together and help each other.
Wishing a save future for all nations and especially to the Japanese.

Your TTT Team


Hari Raya - Nyepi

On Nyepi day itself, every street is quiet - there are nobody doing their normal daily activities.
No traffic is allowed, not only cars but also people, who have to stay in their own houses. Light is kept to a minimum or not at all, the radio or TV is turned down and, of course, no one works. Even love making, this ultimate activity of all leisure times, is not supposed to take place, nor even attempted.

From the religious and philosophy point of view, Nyepi is meant to be a day of self introspection to decide on values, eg humanity, love, patience, kindness, etc., that should kept forever. Balinese Hindus have many kind of celebrations (some sacred days) but Nyepi is, perhaps the most important of the island's religious days.

Your TTT Team


For the last two weeks we had the lady's and gentleman from scubadiving.at here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. And the funny Austrians surely did enjoy their time here, saw a lot of Bali's underwater world, got a good impression of Balinese culture and tradition and were quit taken in by Balinese attributes like friendliness, hospitality and the general relaxed life style.

TTT Team
pygmy seahorse diving adventure
Did you know? Pigmy Sea Horse ( Hippocampus Bargibanti).

This beautiful and tiny creature is no longer than about 2.4 cm. This species is known to occur only on gorgonian corals. They are perfectly camouflage, same color, shape and polyps of  his host gorgonian. The females lays her eggs on the male abdomen and are fertilized by the male until birth. Pygmies only have a few young at a time, less than a dozen. Come to Tulamben and discover these little creatures.

TT Team

bali tulamben dive resort kive webcam
Pleasant Anticipation

When do you start to get notional more and more involved in your next holiday trip? Right, normally quite some time befor you finally enter the plane. To make this time even more exciting for you, we soon will have a live web cam installed to make it even easier for you to find out about the current conditions here in Tauch Terminal Dive Resort at Tulamben - Bali. And of course to give some additional fuel to the flame of your holiday anticipation.
We'll keep you updated on this page.

TTT Team

bali coral reef diving

Coral Garden - Tulamben House reef

Imagine a dive site just a few steps from your room.A small coral garden that looks like a Balinese style aquarium that can be snorkeled and dived.A perfect place for beginners to discover a new adventure and for experienced divers to enjoy the richness of these waters.Many corals, many tiny critters mix with some black tip reef sharks, barracuda and blue spotted rays.Yes that's possible.Come to Tauch Terminal Tulamben House reef !

Waste Project Tulamben

What started out as a private initiative by now established itself as a wildly accepted and - even more important - well working waste program. Almost all businesses in Tulamben, as well as a number of private person are involved one or the other way. There are a bunch of garbage containers now spread out through the whole village. And 1 person even found a new job taking care emptying them on a regular base, picking up garbage still found throughout  the village and later on even operating the waste combustion unit.
It's still a long way to go, but since also the school kids are involved there's hope for the future. And we in Tauch Terminal tulamben fully support the initiative, for our all sake.

TTT Team
The Next Ecological Step

We here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben proudly announce the next milestone on the road to a more ecological friendly resort.
Since a couple days all hot water for our rooms comes from the sun. With the installment of the final solar water heating system on one of our main buildings we now are completely eco-friendly in this regard.
And we are planing to proceed even further on that path.
It's our environment we are living in, it's our environment we're living from, and it's an intact environment we want to bequeath our children.

TTT Team

Extraordinary Guest at an Uncommon Time

With the season for the Ocean Sunfish long over, and this fellows being rather rare guest in Tulamben anyway, we were pretty surprised to have one of them just a couple days ago joining some of our divers for some minutes on the Drop Off.
Happy on one hand it also teaches us something again: always expect the unexpected. Or with other words: the ocean is no aquarium, so always keep your senses sharp and your skills up to date and diving will be save and joyful.

TTT Team
A dream came true

Mrs. Louise and Mr. Rafi were looking for something special for their wedding. And they found it in Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
Last weekend they took their vows in front of some 35 of their friend here in our resort. Everything was arranged into detail and so they had all the time to concentrate on what's really important: getting married and having fun under and above water.

All the best from all our crew again.

TTT Team


Children of the new century!

For our dive community the year 2010 is a very special milestone: for the very first time we can welcome children of the new millennium in our circle.
And so we are very proud to our very special century child Olivia. Just turning 10 in July this year by now she's already a certified Junior Open Water Diver, with an impressive performance in theory as well as all practical assessments.
Let us all be exemplary role models to allow them a good start into our all hobby. And to make sure that with the help of the new generation our beloved realm will stay an extraordinary playground for all times.

Your TTT Team

Dive Team Austria
Dive Company Austria

After some time of abstinence we recently had the Dive Company again for a visit in Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
One Week in our resort in Tulamben and a subsequent Dive Safari across the island, also organized and handled by Tauch Terminal, the 19 Austrians had quite a good time here in and out of the waters.
We hope they all enjoyed their stay as much as we were honored to accommodate them.

TTT Team


Tulamben Wonder Series DVD

Would you like to show your friends and family the beauties from Tulamben's underwater world? A new Tauch Terminal Tulamben Multimedia DVD has been released with underwater videos and slide shows. Macro Heaven: The tiniest and amazing critters in these volcanic waters. USAT Liberty Wreck: History, mystery and exuberant marine life on perhaps one the most Famous Wrecks worldwide. Take home the wonders of this paradise and you will submerge back to theses waters at anytime.

Your TTT Team

Did You Know Already?
It again and again happens that guest here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben come to me, emotions ranging from slightly agitated to completely shaken, asking me about the swastika symbols being found everywhere on the island. Since first association always leads to the Third Reich.I can understand the distress, but to relieve all of you who might not be aware of it: the swastika is and old, acient, even maybe the most important symbol in Hinduism. It represent the two forms of the creator god Brahma, evolution and involution of the universe. Furthermore the swastika is one of the 108 symbols of Hindu deity Vishnu and represents the suns rays on which life depends. It is also seen as pointing in all four directions (north, east, south, west) and thus signifies grounded stability.
Knowing about this fact and keeping it in mind guarantees your stay here to be what it was meant for: enjoyable, relaxed and far from all negative effects.

Your TTT Team
Practical Support For Studies
In the course of the last two weekends we again invited tudents doing an semester of foreign studies at Udayana University Denpasar to us in Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
Mostly participating business related studies, they all got an lecturing about "How to survive in an competitive market - case study Tauch Terminal Tulamben" at their university. And then we took the opportunity to invite them in our resort to complete their view on things. Hearing about ideas and concepts is just one side of the medal, seeing the practical fruition paints the full picture.
And then of course we also invited them for a quick Introduction Dive which let them all to a complete new level of exitement. Let's see, in time we might be able to welcome a bunch new divers in our underwater realm.

Your TTT Team
Rare Gust In Tulamben
A couple of days ago I stumbled together with some of our guest in Tauch Terminal Tulamben in Coral Garden over a seldom observed, weird creature: the Devilfish. Also know as Demon Stinger, the Devilfish is closely related to the Stonefish and therefore also venomous. They grow up to some 25cm body length, is surfaced with spines and got a generally knobby appearance. Mainly nocturnal creatures, most of the time they bury themselves in the sand on the day. Hard to find, pretty scarce, a "beautiful" motiv - what else a divers hard longs fore!
Curious to get first hand impressions of our marine life right in from of Tauch Terminal Tulamben? It would be our pleasure.

Your TTT Team
25th Wedding Anniversary

Last week two of our estimated guest celebrated their silver wedding here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. Set in a private area, a festive table was prepared, matching the occasion. Mr and Ms Spitznagel had a delicious candle light dinner with a balinese dinner plate and tasty balinese red wine.
We wish them all the best for the next 25 years, and always good air while enjoying the marine life. Do you got anything to celebrate, or any other special occasion? Please feel free to come in touch with our management, we will do our best to make your stay here unforgettable in every regard.

Your TTT Team
Free Wi-Fi in Tauch Terminal Tulamben

We proudly announce free internet access via our Wi-Fi network here in Tuahc terminal Tulamben starting on September 1st, 2010.
Just for a small 'cover charge'  you will be able to use the internet for the time of your stay, everywhere in our resort. The change was made possible through a newly introduced internet connection here in Tulamben, and we would like to pass on this advantage to our guest. So when you check in just ask for the user name and password for your room. In case you don't have any internet ready device it of course still will be possible to rent a laptop on our reception.
Enjoy the laid-back, quite and relaxing atmosphere in Tauch Terminal while stay connected to friends and family.

Your TTT Team
Did You Know: Humphead Parrotfish

Bolbometopon muricatum grows up to almost 1,5m in size and more than 45kg in weight. It is found from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean, from the Red Sea in the west to Samoa in the east, and from theYaeyama Islands in the north to the Great Barrier Reef in the south.
Their feeding activity is important for the production and distribution of coral sands in the reef biome and can prevent algae from choking coral.
But most of all for us divers they are pretty impressive, even more so when you are suddenly in the midst of a school up to 30 animal here in Tulamben. Setting up camp every night on the wreck of U.S.A.T. Liberty the best time to encounter this peaceful fellows is early morning when they slowly start into the day by leaving Tulamben bay, respectively afternoon when they eventually move back in.

You're ready for a closeup with them? We here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben are happy to get you there.
Underwater Flag Rising With Handicapped

With respect to Indonesians independence day on August 17th, this year a conglomerate of different organizations and private people decided to do something very special: enable a group of handicapped Indonesians to get an Open Water Diver certificate, and then, as a kind of special treatment and acknowledgment, to attend an underwater flag rising on Indonesians independence day. We from Tauch Terminal Tulamben were very happy to be able to provide support in terms of dive gear, logistics, a nice lunch in our resort plus some TTT guest which voluntarily joined and helped this group with their activities. A great day and an even greater experience, we're proud to have been part of this event.

Yout TTT Team


From Tulamben, For Indonesia!

Underwater Flag Rising, Indonesia's National Independence Day on Aug 17th 2010.
Tulamben will once again host a social event, welcoming the National Day, a group of Indonesia's very own Divers will be certifiying 11 Handicapped as Open Water Divers and at the same time hold an Underwater Flag Rising commemorating 65 years of freedom.



Reef Check!

Last week we had a couple of people here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben from Reef Check Indonesia Foundation. At the moment they're doing a survey around bali to check on the corals, compare the general development respectively trying to get an idea regarding possible threat increase. Done with the initial questioning about coral health in Tulamben and outfitted with TTT equipment and logistical assistance they set off to  Coral garden and Batu Kelepit to do their assessment on the spot. Also some of our guest were interviewed which helps to also learn about the point of view on such things of a tourist. The first feedback about Tulamben area was quite positive, now we'll see the outcome once they gathered all necessary information and did the complete evaluation. It's in all our hands to help protect the ocean, taking care the environment on a dive or supporting organizations like Reef Check.

We care a lot!





Coleman Shrimp & Harlequin Shrimp

At one dive site? Both of them?! well, actually u still gotta be lucky, but at one of our boat dive site - Scuba Seraya or also sometimes called Seraya Secret - you have a pretty fair chance to stumble over both species in one dive. plus there's plenty more stuff like nudibranches, crabs, weird lion fishes and more.

Best thing is you talk to our TTT guides, they'll let you know what is around at the moment and are happy to find those things for you. Maybe you soon coming back from a dive there with abig smile? We would like that!

Your TTT Team

Free Underwater Photography Clinic with Paul Lees

On July 18th - 23rd we here in Tauch Terminal ResortTulamben are happy to welcome Mr. Paul Lees in our resort. Mr. Lees, British born writer and photographer, Paul has traveled extensively throughout Asia, gaining first-hand insight and absorbing local perspective along the way. He currently spearheads the "Pocket Guide" series of publications both in print and online. During his stay, Paul will share his extensive experience in underwater photography with all interested TTT guest with a free underwater photography clinic. so if you're an ambitious hobby photographer and you like to pick up some professional input along the way here is the opportunity.

Take nothing but pictures, bring nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.
Your TTT Team


Worlds best football players in TTT

Every game of the current Football World Championship on a big screen, every day in our beach bar. Emotions are welcome, bets as well and real fans fevering with their teams even more so. For your corporeal welfare our football-crazy barkeepers will watch out for.
If you got just a little bit enthusiasm for "our" game you are more than welcome to join us.

Your Tauch Terminal Tulamben Professional Football Watcher Team



The Game that We Love!

It's a Time of Celebration! Come and celebrate the best event, the game that unites the world, World Cup 2010 South Africa.

All LIVE Matches are available on our facility both at the Resort in Tulamben, and at our head office in Jimbaran


Mola-Mola in Our House Reef

This Week  Nick & Karen went for a morning dive in our House Reef at 07:30 AM
What we had never expected is a "Mola Mola"   welcoming them underwater
9 meters deep. The Happiness and the  expression in their faces reveal that something really special happened under the water.
Amazing diving experiences are happening in Tulamben.
Picture by Nick David.

TTT going international

Over the last years more and more international - not german speaking for us - guest stay with us in Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
All over Europe, a wide variety of Asians, Americans even if mainly north Americans, and something like one time a year some South African.
Just recently we had a premier: Madagascar! Mr. Elyse Kohyann honored us with his stay.
Thinking about Madagascar most people might think about crazy penguins, a lion and a zebra ... but no, we switched sites this time and almost endlessly fired questions about his home at him. You never know when one might stumble across another Madagascan's(?) again. So thanks again to Mr. Elyse, and be assured that from now on you are on the top of our list of the most rare nationalities here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben.
Annual Water Analysis

Earlier or later most of our guest might become aware of the fact that we got our own well here in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. and that all the water used in the resort - garden, pool, dive base, kitchen, bar and rooms - is supplied from even this source. And now we do an water analysis with Sanglah Laboratorium Klinik every year, to make sure water quality still and again fits our standards.
We're happy again to announce an excellent water quality for our resort: water samples were taken from the ground tank directly supplied from the well, from a bath room with the longest pipe connection to the ground tank and from kitchen out of one of our water filters. Not a single limit overstepped, best water quality assured again.
Galungan - Welcoming the Spirits Home to Bali

Galungan is the most important feast for Balinese Hindus, a celebration to honor the creator of the universe and the spirits of the honored ancestors.
Families offer bountiful sacrifices of food and flowers to the ancestral spirits, expressing gratitude and hopes for protection. The whole island sprouts tall bamboo poles called "penjor" - these are usually decorated with fruit, coconut leaves, and flowers, and set up on the right of every residence entrance.People are attired in their finest clothes and jewels.
Unique opportunity to see the real Balinese Culture.
Selamat Galungan !
The "Purnama Sasih Jestha" ceremony.

We celebrated a very important event in Tauch Terminal Tulamben this week.
Following the Ancient Balinese traditions every  year and always under the Full Moon the Resort has been blessed. Praying as well for Staff and Guest's best luck and wishes.
Due the Traditional dress code we had to wear  "Sarong" or "Pareo" with their incredible colors and designs. We enjoyed a colorful ceremony and had the chance to taste the incredibly delicious "Babi Guling"

Grateful and Happy Guest

Our Guest's happiness is our most important goal and that's why we give you always our Best. Your comments and big smiles are very rewarding for us. Small and funny drawing like this makes our day. We really appreciate your kindness and those small things encourage our Team to keep working hard to give you the best service quality.

bali tulamben diving octopus

Did you know?

There are more than 375 species of Cephalopods around the world.Including Cuttlefishes,Squids and Octopus. Squids do not live a very long life, which is why females release enormous amounts of eggs to ensure the continuation of their species. A mating session takes just 15 seconds. While most squid lay their eggs in masses on the sea bed, some carry a clutch of eggs to guard them.

The adult squid does not live long after mating.
Baby squid hatch as larvae and grow into maturity in about 3-5 years.
The new born Baby squids are just 2 cm long and ready to swim.
Keep periodically update and informed  with your TTT NEWS.


IBSN Udayana University of Bali

Student divers, in the pure sense of the word.
Like every year there's a bunch of European - mainly German - students, spending one semester at Udayana University Denpasar;  Young folks who so far had almost no change to experience a tropical ocean, not to mention the experience to dive in one. And so - also like every year - we invited them to Tauch Terminal Tulamben for one day, gave them some practical, study related information about our resort and let every single one of them spend some time submerged to say hello to all the fishes they know from "finding nemo".
And if you ask me, there's no way of me ever getting tired of big eyes and amazed expressions with newbies in general, but even more so when you got a whole bunch of them around.

bali tulamben cackadoo waspfish

Rare Visitor in Tulamben

Last week one of our customers - Mr. Satoshi Ito - got lucky stumbling over one of them almost in front of our resort. Congratulations, quite an impressive little fellow this Cackadoo Waspfish.
But then again, it's not only luck helping you finding eye catchers like this, it also needs passion and a high level of attention to not just pass our little friends unnoticed. Mr. Satoshi though is one of this rare breed mentioned - there are not many divers around willing to wait 50+ minutes in front of an frogfish only to take a shot with jaws apart. So thanks again to Mr. Satoshi for this beautiful picture and for the knowledge that Cackadoo's also visit us in Tauch Terminal Tulamben from time to time.


Earth Hour inTulamben

As announced in a previous news, on Saturday, March 27th on 8:30pm, all our light went off for 1 hour following the great WWF initiative "60 Earth Hour".The intention is to make a stand against climate change "and is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future." For us as Tauch Terminal Tulamben there was no question of following the call, even more so since it's in complete consonance with our Go Green initiative.. And so we all - guest and employees alike - enjoyed the moment at our bar, a special FOC "60 Earth Hour" cocktail inclusive.


Commitment & Fun

Following   our "Go Green" commitment we will support the 60 Earth Hour next Saturday 27th of March. We'd like to encourage you to participate  switching the lights off during  60 minutes at 08:30 PM.( Local time)
See detailed info at http://www.earthhour.org
A Special Earth 60' Cocktail will be served in our Beach Bar.( F.O.C)
We have a perfect occasion to share 1 hour with our family our friends chatting and having fun and make the difference with an small but very significant action.

bali tulamben cuttle fish

Cuttlefish eggs at the Drop-Off

For the last couple of  weeks we have been monitoring these cuttlefish eggs located at the Drop-Off. Around 25 adult cuttlefishes are permanently patrolling the eggs and taking a good care of them. We will keep a close eye on the cuttlefish eggs hoping that we get nice shoots from their first swim. Don't forget to visit ours news periodically to be informed from the latest in Tulamben.


Thank you All !!

Yesterday 10.03.10 was the last "Party the Wreck" day.
We would like to Thank you All.
Thanks to all the Guest and Agents who have been part of this 15 years.
Thanks to all the Staff who have been part of our family.
We  are excited to continue our mission, 

Keep improving and making new friends every day.

Thank you very much !!



Imagine there is some diving related medical issue. And also imagine the dive shop you consigned your wellbeing to tells you to go somewhere else. Unthinkable? Unfortunately not. It happens again and again - just a few days ago -  that customers are being send to Tauch Terminal Tulamben to seek medical help and advice. That divers are send to us for emergency oxygen and coordination and transport to professional medical help.
Is it a gamble to go diving nowadays? Surely not. Depend on your common sense, which means in the first place to pick your dive shop according to your personal prefs, but also with respect to a minimum level of authority in emergency situations. Always. And everywhere. We at Tauch Terminal Tulamben are able to professionally and quickly respond to all kinds of diving accidents, as well as a wide range of common medical issues. Beware of any problem but be prepared, just in case ... and for all our sake.The underwater world and help preserving it.


History Meets Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben!

Jacques-Yves Cousteau rings a bell? Of cours it does, the great marine explorer and ecologist. And now another name: Pierre Morel. One of our guest last week. A born Frenchman as well, living in Toronto by now and just up to some snorkeling here in Tulamben. Until he went in the water for the first time. Shortly later we had him politely asking if it would be possible to get a divers certification. And then it all blurted out: how he was a diver already until 15 years ago, that he gave up on diving due to water temperatures in Kanada. And how he originally learned diving with a family member of late "le Commandant Cousteau". That he's even been on the Calypso, the famous vessel used for Cousteau's adventures. And that was the point when we started probing, wanting to hear story's about the diving then, making underwater movies back in that time and of course the great man himself. Needless to say that this course was a peace of cake ... so let's welcome Mr. Morel back in our midst and let us all remember the spirit of Jacques Cousteau and his crew: enjoy the underwater world and help preserving it.


Back in Town !

It was a while ago last time we saw  Heinrich, the famous Tulamben old Barracuda. We worried about something happened  to him.He used to live on the Liberty Wreck.This week suddenly we met him again.We had a beautiful dive and we are glad is back in town.Don't miss the unique opportunity to enjoy  a face to face with Heinrich.


A Friendly Visit

Dolphins repeatedly paying their tribute as well, they took their time passing by today, a school of dozens of this beautiful animals. Few were able to take a decent shot, and the ones who were laid the camera happily aside just to miss a couple of wales. Sseems like even the mammals approve of Tauch Terminal Tulamben,  good to know...


Scenic Tulamben & Dolphins

This time of the year, here in Tulamben we are able to enjoy some of the most amazing and scenic Skyscapes. The Sun, the Sea and the Sky playing together. Living in our minds some unforgettable moments.The nature surprises us every day. This dramatic views were seasoned with a group of dolphins swimming by.
Come to Tulamben and just Let you surprise !!

15 years Tauch Terminal Tulamben also means to now and then get invited from the management on a sundowner. Since it takes place in our beach bar the ocean view is already included. What could be better after a hard day waking up with sea view, full of diving, massage, sun bathing and enjoying fantastic food? Here you go ...`
Sweet  Cake memories
Small things makes the difference.Today we surprised our guest with a Sunset coffee & Birthday Cake. We enjoyed  the moment chatting and sharing experiences while celebrating the 15th Anniversary of TTT. What are you waiting for? Come to Tulamben and Celebrate with us !!
Oops, 15 years have passed already...
15 years tauch terminal tulamben! 15 years of excellent service. 15 years of outstanding diving. 15 years of steady development. 15 years of experience. 60 days special program to celebrate. from 10th january 10th until 10th march we offer our guest 15% - and even up to 50% on selected service - discount to share with us our joy, our pride and the good feeling of something special here in tauch terminal tulamben. maybe you want to party with us? we're more then happy to welcome you in our midst.
Happy New Year
Last night we welcome 2010 having a very special "New Year's Eve" Celebration. Escaping from big parties and crowds. We provide our guest with a memorable and delicate experience. Balinese "Gala" Buffet with an amazing variety of local tastes. Exotic and Colorful Balinese dance. Free Glass Champagne, Hat and Trumpets to embrace the New Year. The Magic Touch of Bali in is highest expression. "BEST WISHES & HAPPY NEW YEAR" Your TTT Team.
Ho-Ho-Ho, Jolly Christmas Day (Balinese Style)
On december 24th we followed our acknowledged tradition to celebrate christmas in a kinda special way together with our guest. There are some christmas decoration, true. And there are also some european-traditional dishes to choose from, right. But as always we had balinese dancer to entertain us, and there were also things like beef rendang or green red snapper which make the whole event somewhat exotic. Rounded off by a little balinese present the christmas evening n tauch terminal tulamben was something special again. Maybe one day you would like to enjoy the exotic tropical christmas feeling on balis east cost with us?
Seasons Greetings 2009/2010
Entire Staff and Management of the Tauch Terminal Resort & Spa Tulamben, wish you a Merry-Merry Christmas, and a successfull upcoming New Year 2010
No More Candle-Lit Dinner
With respect to the momentarily situation regarding electricity in bali we decided to equip Tauch Terminal Tulamben with our own generator. and here now we proudly present the little sweet monster. With a capacity of 80kw we now have the posibility to run all resorts machiney and light even in the event of a electricity shut down for hours on end. Positioning in the front of the resort, shilded by the lobby, makes the noise distress almost non existent. And a pretty elaborated exhaust system prevents any fumes disturbing the peace of the place. By no there will be no annoyance anymore due to blackouts - everything for the welfare of our guest!
Found and Adopted!
Thanks to our excellent diveguide's sensitive eyes, our longtime friend, regular customer Mr Satoshi Ito have captured a Juvenile Frogfish with his camera, and have determined to adopt the little baby and preserve it for his next visit. Our diveteam will make sure the little baby is safe and protected to see the world.
Go Green and Eco Responsible Facility
At Tauch Terminal Tulamben, we continue our contribution towards a greener Bali.
Another step has been taking in our compromise to educate our staff in environmental issues. We are proud to announce that we have recently started collaborating with TEMESI Compost (based in Gianyar regency) and their Waste Recovery Project, which is being implemented in our facilities at the moment. The management is extremely happy to see all staff enthusiastically involved in making a cleaner and environmentally friendly Bali. We will all keep working together in preserving a beautiful, waste-free Bali.
We're happy to welcome friends from Tauchsport Zentrum Hamburg in Tauch Terminal Tulamben. We hope you'll have a pleasant and relaxing stay here, good weather and always lots of air in your tanks.
The Race is ON! The Annual Traditional Jukung Boat Race
Last week the annual jukung race in tulamben area took place again.
Jukungs are the locak fisherman boats, shaped like a dugout with two bambu outriggers attached. The race started in front of tukadabu beach, the neighboring beach to tulamben bay. Some 40 fisherman participated in the event which took the winner almost 2 hours to see the finish line and welcome all the granulations and a handsome winner fee. Congratulations from tauch terminal tulamben to the lucky one and all the other skilled yachtsman!
WWF mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Stella and Jurgen spent some days at Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben, one of their scheduled stops on their one-year long "Coral Triangle Tour".
They do a wonderful job by showing the world the richness of our seas and below, and promoting WWF principles of finding practical solutions for a healthy planet.
Tauch Terminal team was delighted to assist them in their research in Tulamben and wish them all the best for their future projects!

Their work can be followed here: http://blogs.panda.org/coral_triangle.
To Tulamben, with Love
We not only hosting weddings now and again in Tauch Terminal Tulamben - Sometimes we are proud make an Anniversary of any kind unforgettable for our guest.
Congratulations again to Mrs. Cornelia and Mr. Wilfried Boddin who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary here with us. Our weekly Bali Night with a traditional balinese diner buffet and original temple dancers gave quite the right setting for this occassion and surely made it something special in that way. again all the best from us and much luck on the next 25 years together!
New Sports and News Corner
We proudly announce the final implementation of our adumbrated news corner. LCD TV and satellite are installed and in place and fully functioning. besides our daily newspaper and the possibility of internet access through our WLAN, guest also now can enjoy news and sport channels as well as wildlife documentations on stations like BBC world news, Euro News, Star Sports, Eurosport and Discovery Channel in a relaxed atmosphere in our second floor restaurant.
A Neverending Tale of The Tulamben Shipwreck
Lately diving has been really amazing in Tulamben.
Beside the well known “Liberty Wreck” beauty there is always a tiny  difference between  a good diving day to a memorable diving day. We had the chance to enjoy the intriguing dance of the “Wonderpus” Octopus. One of the most weird underwater critters you can see. Check our news periodically to be updated with the last underwater encounters.
(Photography by our very own Mr. Josep Triay)
tauch terminal dive resort tulamben bali
From Kazakhstan with Love
Last week we proudly welcomed Mr. Jamil and Mr. Arman - Our first guest ever from the former soviet republic of Kazakhstan. They really kept them self quite busy during their stay with Advance Open Water Course, EFR and Rescue Course and hell of a lot of diving as well. Which is  pretty much understandable if one recalls the geographic locations of Kazakhstan where almost no diving at all is possible.
Go Green and Eco-Friendly
Tauch Terminal Resort and Spa Tulamben proudly announces the implementing of a new generation of under water diving torches. These lamps use a 3w-LED with very little power somsumption to supply the diver with more than sufficent light on a night dive. But the best news pertains our environment; they're powered by rechargeable battery's what means one more step on the way to a comprehensive ecol-friendly business policy.
Bienvenue à Tulamben
We welcomed family Leroy from France this week and "borrowed" their kids to enjoy Tulamben´s underwater world with them. Aretha and Guillem , 11 and 13 years old, had tons of fun making their first bubbles underwater. But guess who enjoyed more than anyone? Little "dolphin", 8 years old, who watched amused how their brothers had the time of their life. Hoping she can join them very soon.
Greetings from Germany
For the last two weeks we had visitors from the Ville Taucher Bruehl-Heide E.V.
All of them were first timers to tauch terminal tulamben as well as to Bali/Indonesia, but unanimously it hasn't been the last time. only downside was that we couldn't allow to take one of our precious sharks back home.
Thank you all for the nice time and all the fun.
A Holy Mermaid Matrimony
In preparation of their wedding following the motto "no ocean to deep - no mountain to high" Ms. Fransisca Harlijanto and Mr. Yok Sagita spend some rather busy days in tauch terminal tulamben. first they had to complete the open water course to later be able to have an very extended underwater photo session to give proof of fulfillment of the first part of their chosen marriage central motive.
all the best to this new lifetime union!
1200..and counting!!
It was not long after we celebrated Mr. Shatoshi´s 24 visit last Juny that we had the pleasure of welcoming him again recently. This time there was another great occasion to celebrate: His dive number 1.200! We look forward to more dives and wonderful stays with us! Big thank you from all  Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben team for your support!
After an exhausting two month long assignment in Malaysia as part of the filming crew of the Norwish TV version of  “Survivors”, Oyvind, Hilda, Ronney, Phillip & AK arrived to TTT ready to have their first encounter with the underwater world. They had so much fun that they decided to extend their stay, leaving with their Open Water and Advanced certifications in their pockets and a big smile in their faces.
 –Probably the best holiday we ever had, they tell us as we say goodbye.We wish you all the best and hope to welcome you again in the future!
Mr. Fritz Kurr, a German native, arrived alone to Tauch Terminal Resort in Tulamben, with a dream to make true – get back in the water on his diving gear. – I am 86 years old, and these will probably be my last dives as I am old enough to stop diving... We took care of him and his old  film video camera for 2 days and chatted about the war times in between dives. What an inspiring man! We wish you great health and many more beautiful trips in your life!
Thanksgiving, Tulamben Style!
Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben and Spa
Annual Ceremony, based on Balinese tradition and calendar, entire management and staff of Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben and Spa celebrates another great successful year, and prays for years ahead yet to come. Ceremony was held annually involving management, staff, villagers and all of our in-house guests.

Happy Weinheimmer Family

Tauch Terminal Resort and Spa Tulamben, has welcome another longtime guests and friends from Germany, Mr Thomas Weinheimmer family and friends. Thank you for visiting us again, and we wish you a pleasent flight back home to Germany.


German students enjoying Tulamben hospitality

Udayana University IBSN Batch in Tulamben, Tauch Terminal Tulamben resort and Spa hosted another International Business Students from Germany in cooperation with Udayana University of Denpasar Bali. A total of more than 100 german students have completed their Introductory dives in Tulamben's Shipweck

Tauch Terminal Bali and Tauch Terminal Resort and Spa Tulamben, wish you a basketful of Joy and Happiness this Easter Weekend.

IBSN Germany Students

Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben and Spa, welcomes another group of IBSN Germany students this semester for their first taste of the Tulamben's very own USAT Liberty Shipwreck. Their first excurshion during their arrival in Bali would be introductory diving at the world's famous wreck, courtesy of our Tulamben team


Hola, Saludos desde Mallorca!!

Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben has officially announced its new outstanding personal in charge for the facility. Mr Josep Triay (ESP), well knowned and experienced dive instructor formerly stationed in one of Lembeh Straits' Dive Resort of Sulawesi. He speaks fluent English, German, Spanish, and Italian. Josep will be delighted to serve all our guests needs and ensure their perfect dive holiday with us.


Friends From Taiwan

This week, Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben and Spa is welcoming another good and loyal friends from Taiwan. The Pioneer Diver has been a longtime friend and partner for many years. This year, Mr Ken Hou is back to our new facility after a couple of years since his last visit. He also bring along 8 of his Taiwanese Dive Buddies and family Frackowiak from Poland. Entire management and staff of Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben welcome Ken and his buddies, and wish him a great holiday in Bali.


This year on March, Balinese Most Holy Celebrations
The Galungan festival, Bali's major feast, is held throughout the island and is an annual event in the wuku year. During this ten day period all the gods, including the supreme deity Sanghyang Widi, come down to earth for the festivities. Barongs prance from temple to temple and village to village. The last and most important day of the ten day festival is called Kuningan.
Hindu saka calendar is a lunar cycle that more closely follows our own year in terms of the length of the year. Nyepi is a major festival of the saka year, it's the last day of the year, the day of total silence throughout the island. No activity, no traffic at all on the roads, no fire may be lit for 24 hours. Great purification and sacrificial rites are held the day before so as to exorcize evil spirits from every corner of the island.

Galungan Festival, March 18th 2009, Nyepi Day of Silence, March 26th 2009
Kuningan, March 28th 2009


Komodo National Park as the

CAST YOUR VOTE NOW! For Komodo National Park.
The Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism is seeking your support to help the Komodo National Park get named to the New Official Seven Wonders of Nature. The inaugural Official New 7 Wonders of the World ended in 2007 with the naming the "new" 7 architectural wonders of the world. The current competition is moving away from man-made structures to select the 7 Wonders of the Natural World taken from a list of 430 nominations drawn from 224 countries. The short list of 77 top nominees (11 top vote getters from 7 categories) is being selected via on-line voting ending on July 7. After that date a panel of experts, under the leadership of Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza the former Director-General of UNESCO, will willow down the list to just 21 finalists to compete in the final round of voting for the Official New 7 Wonders of Nature to commence on July 21st.
How can you help?
Visit and cast your vote through this link
More about West Flores, Komodo National Park at www.floreskomodo.com

Hot From The Press!!

Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben has added another great achievements in their great dedication to Tourism business and services. As of March 01st of 2009, We have officially released our very own Tauch Terminal Tulamben Newspaper Daily! The printed edition will features World's Top News of the day, from economics, politics, and sport news. The paper will also be publishing daily special packages offer to all our in-house clients, from Spa, diving, till the daily offered land excurshions to all Bali's spectacular cultural sites. And it even comes in 2 languages of English and Deutsch!! If you're happen to be in Tulamben right now, rush to our reception and get a copy right now before it ran out. Combined with our existing wi-fi internet connections, it felt like you'd never left home.
Our Special All Included, Hassle Free Buddy Week Packages
has just been extended further up until March 25th for your final booking confirmation. Package includes of minimum 2 - 4 nights stay at our world class resort in Tulamben; a total of 5 - 7 dives in Bali's top dive sites, full set equipments, tanks, weights, porters, airport pick-up and roundtrip transfer, and on top of it we even spice it up with a halfboard meal (lunch) included during your stay with us, PLUS a complementary 60 min Foot Reflexology Treatment at our Natural Spa Lounge.
Rates start from EUR 300,- and Joining Dive Buddies and Snorkelers in a same room pay only from EUR 35,- to EUR 120,- with the same inclusive!!! Click Here for complete details, and Here to contact us for reservation and enquiry

To jumpstart the new year of 2009, following a previous success from 2008 after a complete renovation and refurbishment and to welcome a special Chinese New Year Holiday. Our divebase has announced another Buddy Week Specials for January till the end of February 2009, as low as EUR 300,- NETT* for first person diver, while your buddy only pays 40% off above rate with all inclusive from dives, accomodation, roundtrip transfers, and even a halfboard meal (lunch) for each participants. On top of it, our Natural SPA even includes a free 60 min Foot Reflexology Treatment.

For complete details, please contact our reservation desk at this link
*conditions and room availability apply

Tauch Terminal Bali and Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben entire management and staff, wish you a peaceful and merrier Christmas this season. And another great and successful upcoming years ahead, our greatest gratitude for all the support, loyalti, and cooperations. Happy Holidays!!
In cooperation with one of world's most known UW photographer Mark Webster, from Nov 25th - Dec 03rd Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben hosted an Underwater Photography Workshop with participants from all over the world. Enjoying the magic of Bali's underwater realm, Tulamben's macro critters and shipwreck, while brainstorming their UW photo and processing technique.

Romantic November in Tulamben

Concluding the month of November in style, Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben yet again held another romantic event for divers. This year, Stuart and Margareth Burton from UK has decided to become one on a wondeful and magical island of Bali. United on Nov 14th, Stuart and Margareth was blessed by a local Christian priest and witnessed by our divebase and guest relation officer, as well as the rest of our in-house guest. Blessing ceremony was designed and featured in a traditional Balinese background, accompanied by a complete 'Gamelan' orchestra and Balinese Dancers. Later in the evening, another traditional dance performance was held for the entire resort, while Stuart and Margareth enjoy their private candle light dinner by the beach.

die boot 2009 - tauch terminal bali
Of course we will be again there at 2009 - from 15 January 2009 on
"The Boot" exhibition in Duesseldorf /Germany. We looking forward to welcome you there because we have to show some interesting new offers!
See you soon...
Tauch Terminal Bali Team
Steven and Nia

Steven Renee Kleinert, and Nia

Steven, is one of our Dive Instructor and Boat Operations Manager met his beloved wife in Bali a year ago. And they were brought together, blessed, and married as one on Nov 08, 2008. Steven and Nia has even discovered later that they will have a twin babies.

On behalf of all staff and management of Tauch terminal bali, congratulations to Steven and Nia.

IBSN first group diver
IBSN Batch 20.. Proudly announced now, Scuba Divers!!
Our First Group of Udayana University, IBSN German students Batch 20 have just completed their 3 days Open Water Course, and now proudly announced world recognized SSI Open Water Divers. Welcome, boys and girls to the breathtaking new underwater adventure, fun diving and industry.
Thank You, Mr Satoshi Ito..
After his 1100 dives of his entire dive history successfully completed on September last year, another great achievements of Mr Satoshi Ito is yet to come with the Tauch Terminal Tulamben Dive Team. This Year, to commemorate his unbelieveable 20th visit and stay with us in Tulamben, Satoshi has received a memorable souvenirs and gartitudes from the entire staff and management of the Resort, including his own private and engraved locker at our divebase.
A big thank you and yet another warm welcome from all of us here in Bali to Mr Satoshi for all his faith and support to our divebase and resort services
Ni Putu Luna Valerie Bennier.. Our Resort General Manager, Mr Robert Bennier and wife, Mrs Rina have just been blessed with a beautiful and adoreable little baby. Valerie was delivered on 23.07.2008 at 11.15 in the morning. So sweet...Congratulations to Robert and Rina.
Vacation in Bali – connected worldwide! Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa put another one on top and now we offer a new wireless internet connection for all our guests. We provide you with hotspots at our Beach and PoolBar as well as in our restaurant where you can connect yourself easily to the internet when enjoying breathtaking views. Or you just relax on a lazy bed at your room to check your emails and get your friends at home jealous.




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